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My son-in-posted this

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My son-in-posted this

Postby OldDog/NewTricks » Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:20 am

If you cowboy for a living read this

Brett Heggie
I thumb through these ranch ads once in awhile n just laugh at what some of these jobs say. In most cases it's like looking for ranch manager/ care taker/mechanic/ farrier/ nanny/ grounds keeper/ cowboy/ farmer/ dude wrangler/Loper and stall cleaner/professional horse trainer/ school teacher/ construction worker/cook. We are willing to pay 1000 a month n my grandpa's camp trailer that the rats have lived in for 40 years but we had it newly cleaned by the neighbor lady for an hour n she even threw out the dead rats so you wouldn't have to(feel lucky). Ranch duties include. Starting colts, feeding hay, taking care of 1000 cows, 5000 sheep, 5 show steers, 6 show hogs, cleaning chicken coup and care of chickens, picking our kids up from school, taking our kids to 4H, teaching 4H, we have one that is a complete ass hole n got kicked out of school so you'll need to home school and baby sit him, roping lessons, haying, fencing, lawn mowing, mechanicing our 14 4020 John deeres that are 35 years old, irrigating, doctoring cattle, feedlot truck driver, feedlot pen rider, shoe ranch horses and guest horses/ entertain guests by playing guitar but must have opened for Dan Seals or Charlie Daniels atleast 10 times, saddle 25 dude horses every morning before breakfast, ranch accountant and book keeper, start 40 colts a year, ranch cook and house cleaner. You'll need to use personal truck trailer and lawn mower as times are tough and we are trying to cut down on expenses, no kids or family aloud on the job, no women aloud in the fancy camp trailer, no drinking and must report a bible study daily to the owner, you'll have have to buy your groceries and clothes after 9 PM when you're off work except calving season when we work you 24 hours a day, 1 day a month (an afternoon) off and no personal horses or outside horses and you'll work Xmas morning n new years because it's just an "amazing lifestyle" lol well s*** If GOD or CHUCK NORRIS aren't busy you should hire them.
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Postby burnt » Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:04 am


You mean there are no restrictions on leisure time?? :shock:
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Postby Traveler » Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:34 am

I wouldn't know about that. Our help gets treated well, paid well, decent equipment to use, and they're the ones that get the Holidays off and vacations. Couldn't tell you how many vehicles we've helped some buy through the years. Last one was a new half ton Ram I paid for a few months back for a young couple with a new baby that didn't have the good credit to get it, for their personal use only. They've got 7 years to pay it back, interest free. Shouldn't be a problem with the good house, beef, and utilities provided for them.

I'm sure there are a**holes to work for as well as plenty of losers needing to move on to a new temporary job, but plenty more operations that are generous and appreciative of good people.

I think it would be interesting to see a link to some of these job ads with such unrealistic expectations.

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