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About an FFA member

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:30 am
by FFA4Hmom
Please take a minute and click on the link to help my daughter with her FFA project. She is trying for 1000 submissions. It is completely anonymous and fun to see the live results.

Hi I’m Clara from the Holland FFA chapter in Holland, Texas. I am conducting a survey for my FFA Ag Science Fair Project. I need this information for my experiment to help me determine why producers complete or do not complete the USDA-NASS surveys. Voice your opinion on why you complete or choose to ignore USDA-NASS surveys! If you could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it! You will be able to see the anonymous results at the end of the survey if you are interested. My plans are to present this project at the Texas State FFA Convention next July and hopefully advance to the National FFA Competition.

Re: About an FFA member

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 1:34 pm
by Big Muddy rancher
I'm Canadian so didn't fill out your form but I looked it over.
Here they always seemed to call at meal time and want information pulled from the top of our head.
Poor way to do business i feel.

Good luck on your survey, give it some time and bump it up to the top once in awhile as we aren't as busy on this site was we used to be. Maybe if your not already try Cattle today and or 5Bar X

Re: About an FFA member

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 4:28 pm
by FFA4Hmom
Seems like they call us right about the same time too. Most of the time I can answer their questions but once in a while they ask something that I have to defer to my husband. In those cases they usually don't get their survey completed because he doesn't believe in doing them. I can't wait to see the results. Thanks for the forum suggestions.