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Postby Jinglebob » Wed May 04, 2005 7:27 pm

real jake

Shouldn't be too much of a problem if it has a good ground seat in it. But you do have to tear the whole seat off unless the bumps are far enough forward so that you can just pull the seat cover back to the cantle. If it has a Chyenne roll it's a lot tougher to put back together than if it's a strait up cantle binding.

Give me a call and we'll visit, but you might want to wait a week or two as it's branding season and I am a lot harder to catch than usual.
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Postby Oldtimer » Wed May 04, 2005 7:31 pm

katrina wrote:I have to agree with all of you. My dad always had a saying when we rode to wear plenty of clothing, because you could always take it off. But you couldn't put it on if you didn't have it along.
When I was still home, we had a neighboor that you could alway tell what kind of a year he was having. If it was a tough year with no profit he wore tennis shoes.(that's no joke) And if he made some money that year he would have on leather laceups. Always amused me.. My theory is I don't give a rats a** what you wear as long as it's safe and you get the job done. And I do have strings on my palm leaf.

Katrina- brings to mind the way I was raised----Dad would spend his last dollar to buy us kids good "leather" boots-- Not only for the safety of riding, but he told stories of when he was little harnessing all the work horses and one would step on his foot-- All they could afford then in the homestead days were hand me down canvas tennis shoes and his feet and toes were badly mangled from the incidents........ said he never wanted his kids to have the same problem....Dad always wore top quality Hyer Boots from the time he could afford them- I wore many of his after he died-had one pair I used for bronc riding that went thru many kids afterward just because of the "feel" they had in the foot- and since then I have bought Wilsons also because of the top quality.............

Dad also always wore a Stetson-- The old trooper or "Gus" style when he was younger- the smaller brims later....Was almost insulted when I bought Americans- which fit my style more...But now as I get older I've went back to the old styles-- most of which are being beautifully reproduced now by MacKay hatters........

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