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From the MERRIMAN MONITOR, July 6, 1939

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From the MERRIMAN MONITOR, July 6, 1939

Postby Soapweed » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:55 pm

From the MERRIMAN MONITOR, July 6, 1939


The July 4th celebration held at the Rockford Park drew good attendance from Merriman and other towns hereabouts. The ideal picnic spot coupled with a good old-style western rodeo proved to be the attraction that drew a large number of people. The dance in the evening was well-attended.

We only learned of one casualty there and that was when August Galloway, Merriman’s tonsorial artist had a “close shave” being bucked from a cow. Augie said his fall was due to inexperience. That is he had ridden many a cow, but never having been thrown before, he did not know how to land. The punchers from out south accepted this story, but with a grain of salt. Augie sprained his ankle.

And from the same paper:


Staging a two-day rodeo on July 3rd and 4th the town of Cody attracted a fair sized audience on Monday and a good sized crowd Tuesday. The rodeo, handled in real western atmosphere, was snappy and enjoyable throughout on both days. Top riders and ropers mostly from the immediate territory made the show almost a home talent affair, with the local boys doing their stuff as well as any professionals.

Dances on both Monday and Tuesday evenings were also well attended. Music was furnished by an all-girl band, which pleased the dancers.

Once serious accident marred the celebration when Emmett Adamson broke his leg near the ankle in attempting to alight from his horse after roping a calf in the calf roping competition. He was taken immediately to Valentine for an x-ray, where it was discovered that both bones in his leg were fractured. Hershel Bartholomew suffered a severely sprained ankle when he was thrown from a horse in the bronc riding.


Right at present we have more calls for hay hands than we have available. Anyone desiring a job in the hay fields should place their name and address with us, and we will attempt to get them a job. There is no cost for this service. Ranchers who do not have their full crews are invited to inform us of their needs and we will attempt to supply them.
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Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lessert returned Thursday from a trip to Omaha where they visited relatives and friends over the Fourth of July.
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Wear your bathing suits. No nudes is good nudes.

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When your eyes give you trouble and you need glasses, think of Dr. C.W. Alexander, Expert Eye Specialist. See him at Merriman Arlington Hotel Friday, July 14th, 9-12 a.m.

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