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Bale grazing

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Big Swede
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Re: Bale grazing

Postby Big Swede » Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:32 pm

We had at least 30 bushels on the ground on a pivot several years ago after a bad October wind storm. I fenced it into fourths with a hot wire and gave 400 head no more than 2 hours access to the corn. We gave them about a half feed of hay each morning before they went to the corn. Each fourth of the field lasted a week and then they would go to the next one for a week. It took a while every day to chase cows but they knew the drill after a short time.

My neighbor was moving his cows in and out of his pivot but after about a week left them in for an extra hour. Two days later he lost his first cow and they didn't stop dying for over a week. He lost 30 head. I understand your concern, it's nothing to take lightly.
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Re: Bale grazing

Postby sandhiller » Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:08 pm

If it was me, I would turn them in for 2 hours & no more ( only 1 hour for first few days) run them out & feed some bales. After a few days they drive out fairly well.
Why risk several cows?

Neighbor woman counted ears cows ate per number of minutes.
One time I turned my cows into heavy down corn, went to help my brothers place to get his water system unthawed. Didn't make it back for 4 hours, lost 2 Cows from that.

One time I had a semi from rendering company stop in looking to find my neighbor. I heard they filled that truck.

If ground isn't wet, I wouldn't worry about compaction. If you just dump bales out, there will be uneaten hay that will interfer wirh farming. Unroll them, at partially.

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