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a run-away-pony

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a run-away-pony

Postby balestabber » Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:15 am

soapweed's thread reminded me of another story that i am posting as a new topic.

years ago we were giving some pony rides at a small rural town celebration.

we have had a few years experience and the ponies were kid/parade broke.we were also trying to abide by all the safety rules.

but 2 children from the city,,insisted on keeping and wearing their daily suverniers which included helium filled baloons attached to a string.

one of the kids had wrapped his string around the saddle horn.when the clip that held the baloon full of helium worked off.it was just like blowing a baloon up then releasing all the air at once.

except----this was happening in my ponies EAR.

with that baloon floppin back and forth,,that pony bolted out of my hands and went bonkers untill the baloon ran out of air.the rider fell off in the grass and no one was seriously hurt.

the same kids returned a year later to ride again..NO BALOONS were allowed.

you're never to old to learn!

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