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Paint Horses - Pinto Horses

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Paint Horses - Pinto Horses

Postby OldDog/NewTricks » Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:58 pm

I was there @ at least a few of these meetings - Buster Neggly's(sp) house in Hollister @ What he called "Stud Horse Alley" and later @ his Ranch in Gonzolas. Cal


Around the same time a What-to-be CCA Rodeo Clown's wife started the Pinto Horse Assoc. in San Jose.

To make money I'd go to the "Killers Yard" in Newark, Ca. N buy $75 - Nice Colored Horses and get Reregistered Pinto Horse Papers on them - Ride them for a few weeks and Sell them for $700 up
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