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Maryang port, Korea

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Maryang port, Korea

Postby Martin Jr. » Mon Aug 26, 2013 7:33 pm


The plaque reads:
"On September 5, 1816, the British navel ships Alceste and Lyla landed at Maryangjin, Seocheon, in order to map the west coast of Korea.
On that date Captains Murray Maxwell and Basil Hall presented a bible to Daebok Cho, local governor of Maryanjin. For the first time in history, the bible had arrived on Korean soil."

I found this while googling Korea and finding this site as one that I had spent three months at in 1964. We called the place "Sea Range" a missle firing range. We lived in tents in the middle of what is now seen as a grove of pine trees.
The marker was not there at that time.

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