Forage inoculant applicators

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Forage inoculant applicators

Post by Amo » Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:35 am

I have an older Gandy box.  Did some google searching.  Really couldn't find much information on dealers or places to buy parrts other than through Gandy.  So I called Gandy & priced some items.  I have the box, just the part with the spouts are missing.  Buddy of mine has a set up.  4 spouts, and a "bander/defuser" to help spread the powder per spout.  I priced the bander.  She stated its $72 per bander.  She said most forage applications they skip the bander and just let anhydrous hose hang down.  Inoculant dealer says they come 2 to a box, $72 per box.  I called Gandy back and she said they ship 2 per box, but the price is always so much per bander.  Said 3-4 years ago, they were around $30 a bander, but not anymore.

So what Im asking is, anyone that uses a set up like this, do you use a bander or just hose?  If you use a bander, did you get your parts any place else than through gandy?  Lady said that the only time a bander is used is for pestacide applications.  So is there other sources to purchase a bander?  If a person can buy one for say $10, which is about what I think something like that should cost Im sure it probably helps to spread the powder more.  If they cost 40-80$ a bander Im really not sure if its worth it or not.


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Re: Forage inoculant applicators

Post by Big Muddy rancher » Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:09 pm

I have a little manifold that a fan hooked to the end of. It would blow the powder in. I had trouble finding a good little blower at the time. I haven't used it for twenty years.
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