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Post by Chimenea » Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:22 pm

Oh, I'm a big fan of Playgun! And, of all his sons making names for themselves as sires, Real Gun is my favorite. I like that gray mare in the sale a lot. I had a chance to visit with Terry Forst (who bred the mare) on the phone this morning, and she told me the mare was repurchased by the consignor. The bidding got to $6000, but the seller wanted $15,000. Terry told me the sale wasn't particularly good, and certainly not very good for sellers of those types of horses, though a couple did sell fairly well. Case in point, that big red roan mare we were talking about. She sold for $8500. In case you guys are interested, you can take a peek at the full sale results here: ... sults.aspx

I sure do like those Playgun bred horses; they are far and away more my type of horse than the other horses that are currently hot commodities among the high end cutters. Better bone, more size, more speed, and the right attitude. And when crossed the right way, awfully pretty, too. I remember a few years ago, Western Horseman went out and talked to a bunch of different ranchers and breeders to determine their list of top 10 ranch horse sires of all time. Playgun was the only stallion on the list that was still alive at the time (and continues to be a great producer for the Piepers today, actually). Other sires on the list included Joe Hancock, Freckles Playboy, Sun Frost, Blue Valentine, Driftwood, Jackie Bee, Two Eyed Jack, Doc Bar (#2) and Peppy San Badger (#1).

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