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    Long time no see. Hope this finds you all well. I have a question, cow prolapse while having calf.....got it back in and stitched closed. Wasn't uterus just a volleyball size prolapse. My question is...how long do you leave the stitches in? Got her penned and calf with her.
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    Pigs - Contest

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    Sleeping Animal - Contest

    1. jodywy 2. caljane 3. Clarencen 4. cowwrangler 5. Lilly 6. pups n bucks
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    Parade - Contest

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    Winner - Beautiful Things

    Congratulations Caljane Lovely shot.
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    Beautiful Thing - Contest

    1. MsSage 2. Caljane
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    Winner - Colorful Animal

    This one was mine.....my pretty rooster. :) Thanks for the votes.
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    Winner - Pulling

    Congrats to Clarencen....very nice photo.
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    Colorful Animal - Contest

    1. Cowwrangler 2. Lilly
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    Thumper update.....

    The lil fella ain't stayin little long. He's growin so fast. And so much fun. He keeps me pretty busy most mornings.....But he's a good sleeper...and by the picture you can tell he's a good eater....when it comes to meal time....he's very serious. Ya don't mess around gettin his food to him...
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    Pulling - Contest

    1. Katrina 2. Hayguy 3. Clarencen 4. Soapweed 5. Bruce
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    Winner - 2nd Cooling Off

    Congrats Chimenea!!!
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    Winner - Musical

    Congrats Big Muddy!!!!
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    Musical - Contest

    1. Big Muddy Rancher 2. Jigger Boss
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    2nd Cooling off Contest

    Because at the time of the contest posting....I only had one photo....mine. And then I've been away from the computer and didn't see the late entries. 1. jodywy 2. Chimenea 3. Soapweed
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    Cooling Off - Contest

    1. Come on.....if you have an entry send it in. :)
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    Winner - Hats

    Congratulations jodywy! I really like this one. :)
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    Hat - Contest

    1. was holding off because I only had this one entry.
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    A Ranchers redo....

    Trinity Man's wife contacted me about painting a piece they have. She wanted it painted similar to the Lonesome Dove dresser...but without pictures. She is such a sweet person....Didn't get to meet Trinity Man....because it was move in day in their new house. Congratulations....it's always a...
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    Winner - Country Churches

    We may have only had one entry for this contest.....but one entry was enough. What a beautiful old church this is. Thanks to Clarencen for taking the time to send it in. Cant you just hear the hymns being sang? I can.