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    HUGE favor to ask please !!

    First off, I would like to say thank you all so very very much for the wonderful support you have given me these past few years with all of the turmoil we as a family have been going through . Your encouragement , support and advice is priceless , and I can never express into words as to how...
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    Beef Cattle Conference

    Sorry to post this again but I cannot find my original post about this . I know that Per said he might be going and if anyone else has decided to book in and attend the Beef Cattle Conference in Calgary next week at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino I would love to meet up with you . Let me know...
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    UCVM Beef Conference

    I was just wondering if anyone here is going to be attending the UCVM Beef Cattle Conference in Calgary this year . it is June 19-20 . I am signing up for it and am looking forward to talking to other producers , vets etc and learning about new techniques as well what is new in nutrition etc ...
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    Skid steer question.

    We have a Tomcat 255 turbo skid steer and know that there is a valve on it that you switch over from summer to winter use . BUT cannot remember where it is and the book does not have any reference of it. Does anyone know here that valve might possibly be ? Desperately need to find it as it does...
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    Does anyone know ?

    We are going to have some dear friends visit us for a few days from the States and would like them to bring us some dextomax or the like . As it is half the price there as it is here. Does anyone know if they will be allowed to bring a case through Canada Customs at the border. They will be...
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    Calf stopped nursing ,need ideas please .

    I have a week old Holstein calf (dob June 30) that went off milk on Thurs. I thought she had summer pneumonia and treated her for it as well as electrolytes and milk ,no scours just very hallow. Her fever is down from the antibiotics but she refuses to nurse now, and will not take a bottle...
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    Looking for bull semen

    Does anyone know if I can still get straws of this red GV bull . WGG JUST GET-N-GO 90J - CDGV68542 I am going to try and contact the breeders tomorrow as they live only an hour away from us , will contact the owners as well . Just thought someone might know off hand Thanks :tiphat:
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    Lewis cattle oilers

    3 out of 4 pumps on our 2 oilers are dead . Is it worth it to buy new ones for them or should we just try to converts our oilers to Clews oilers instead. If that is even possible :? I think we replaced all 4 pumps when we bought the used oilers 8 years ago . Any help/tips is appreciated ...
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    Poll for Alberta Ranchers.net Members .

    Just curious how members on here are going to vote in our provincial election on April 23 2012 .
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    Speaking of cold weather !

    I am just wondering how your Pyrenees are doing in this really cold weather , especially with us going down to 50 tonight . Spartan (Pyrenees/Anatolian) will not go in his new insulated dog house no matter what we have tried and just likes to lay on the 5 king size duvets I have piled for him...
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    where is ??

    I have been thinking of Northern Rancher lately and missing his posts. I pray he is well and that the NR family had a blessed Christmas. Any update would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :tiphat:
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    Southern Alberta / Sask

    Just got a weather alert on my blkberry. Hope everyone is alright . Stay Safe !! For full details visit http://​emergencyalert.alberta.ca Description: There is a storm with very dangerous and damaging winds. The City of Calgary is closing its downtown core to all traffic. Residents should stay...
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    Need expert help please !

    Just exactly what does heiferette mean in your area ,local auction house or feeder operation ? I have heard the term being used a few times but still do not know exactly what it means in layman's terms, ie the actual cattle operator that is buying them or selling them . Your insight is...
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    Guard dog ?

    After having to put down our 15 year old Scotch Collie last September the coyotes have been horrendous around here, not to mention the 2 legged unwanted visitors that now come onto our land without permission. :roll: So I have been looking at getting another protector for calving and for me...
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    Canine cancer is now the number one cause of death in dogs .

    If you are on facebook you can down load Dr Dresslers book for free, it has excellent information about the food we are feeding our dogs and how it relates to the increase of cancer in them at such an exorbitant rate . I consulted with Dr D quite often as well as the oncology teams at WCVM . Dr...
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    Jack Layton's last letter to Canadians

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story/2011/08/22/pol-layton-last-letter.html I will paste the whole copy so our friends in censored areas can read it as well: August 20, 2011 Toronto, Ontario Dear Friends, Tens of thousands of Canadians have written to me in recent weeks to wish me...
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    Temple Grandin

    http://www.cbc.ca/strombo/weekly-schedule/upcoming-guests---week-of-august-8-2011.html Just wanted to remind my fellow Canadians that Temple Grandin will be on George Strombolopolous tonight . :D
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    For dog lovers .

    Applies to most pups I think :D
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    Clutch problems

    Our 1586 International tractor blew its clutch . Has anyone replaced one before ? We were told it has to go in and be split, 2200 for labor ,not sure about parts. Yes we are in the middle of haying too. Delayed again as we got over an inch during the night again. Thanks
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    Need help finding info

    We were discussing a bill a few years ago that the Alberta conservatives pushed through under our noses about land owner rights. Can someone please give me the link for all of that information . I had it bookmarked but cannot seem to find it anymore. Thank you . :)