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  1. J

    Photography with a different twist

    Very nice..thanks
  2. J

    Pumping Liquid Protein

    oh I'm a silent reader here, and the less I have to go to town the better I like it...lol
  3. J

    Pumping Liquid Protein

    Hubby rigged up this sprayer for liquid feed, and it works pretty good..
  4. J

    Mustang Pictures-----------

    It amazes me that they look so good on what they have to eat..thanks for the pictures...enjoy them alot!
  5. J


    Very nice photo's, thanks for the tour!
  6. J

    August 9, 2013

    Sure is nice to see it still green this time of year, plus the puddles..looking good!
  7. J

    The Photo Game

    Thanks for the picture of the mt. lion..I've seen tracks here and 2 glimpses of a big cat, but they never stand long enough for me to take a picture of..guess I'll keep trying to get a shot someday. I am going to get me a trailcam I think..that may be the only way to see one..Thanks again!
  8. J

    The Photo Game

    Here is your calf stampede :wink: I'm still trying to capture a mountain lion in the sandhills on camera..got any to share?
  9. J

    More December 2012 pictures

    Wow can't believe how much your grandkids have grown..where has the time gone? Also after looking at other posts with "snow" pictures, looks like you and I won't get a pretty white Christmas this year again...Things still are looking good though out your way..Merry Christmas!
  10. J

    Last days of July 2012

    At least you're showing some green grass..all burnt and brown here..already done haying, since there wasn't much to put up this summer..All the little showers have totally missed us!
  11. J

    Monday A Bad Day For Yellowstone Visitors

    Sorry to hear of the accidents, but I too saw some stupid people there when we spent 2 days in Yellowstone this past June..driving idiots was one..and people getting out of their cars and walking close to the buffalo just to get a picture..also one guy climbing on wet rocks at a waterfall a...
  12. J

    Pictures part three

    So fun to take pictures of our lifestyle..love to see your countryside and cattle and horses..Beautiful pictures!!!
  13. J

    Getting our Ducks in a row...

    Sorry to say I didn't notice your fencing much, to busy loving the pictures of your kids enjoying their carefree life..picking flowers! Great Pictures..thanks..
  14. J


    Radar is showing rain/storms here in Valentine, but no rain at my house yet..just wind! Got my fingers and toes both crossed! lol (makes it hard to type too..lol)
  15. J

    High Country Pictures;

    Beautiful country! Glad you posted them cause that's the kind of scenery you never see from a pickup window driving by..!
  16. J

    Mustang Pictures---

    Like Soapweed said, thanks for going to all that work for us to take great pictures. This probably as close as I'll ever get to see a wild herd of mustangs..thanks again! Keep em coming!
  17. J


    Thanks for the idea's, I looked the area up and it does seem like it'll be a very pretty place to visit..so guess we'll have to decide if we are gonna make the trip or not...thanks again..
  18. J


    We might be heading to Phillipsburg Montanna the end of June for a family reuion and I was wondering what is out in that area to "be sure to see"? Won't have as much time to spend out there as we like, but hope to see or do something fun besides spending time with long lost relatives! lol :wink:
  19. J

    Calving 2012...a year to forget

    When things look a little bleak, look at your healthy calves/cows out in the beatiful country ya live in and that will ease the frustration..at least for a little while.. :wink: I love the picture of all 4 dogs on the ATV..not much room left for you though..lol
  20. J

    Trip 2 Hawaii

    I got to go to Hawaii for the first time last October and loved it..quite the beautiful islands aren't they? We did go to Diamond head also, but didn't have time to do the entire climb, save that for the next trip! Hope you can post more pictures of your trip later..