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    Custom Grazing Prices?

    What are folks paying or charging for custom grazing rates in your area? Either by the AUM or per acre or by month, but please include the stocking rate and the class of livestock. I'm particularly interested in upper Midwest, but this should be good discussion no matter where you're from...
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    Corn Plummeting Spurs Talk of '80s U.S Farmland Bust

    Disaster for some, opportunity for new farmers or ranchers to get into the game? Corn Plummeting Spurs Talk of '80s U.S Farmland Bust: Mortgages - Bloomberg http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-12-17/corn-plummeting-spurs-talk-of-80s-u-s-farmland-bust-mortgages.html Quote: Kohl said a plunge...
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    Freight Costs?

    Anybody got a handle on current freight charges for a pot load of cattle, probably less than a 100 mile trip? I'm doing some pre-work for an upcoming Ranching for Profit class in January and need some fairly accurate numbers. Thanks.... bart.
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    Where to find silage bags?

    My neighbor is looking for silage bags for putting round bales in. Seems they are supposed to be airtight, but do not need a special machine for the bag application. Anyone know what they are talking about and where to purchase these? Thanks. †
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    June 24, 2013 Hay Field Pics

    I'm not an expert but I think it is time to put some hay up: Home is on the other side of the rock pile.
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    Veiws from a hay feild

    Daisy Duke White Clover Salad Bar Foxtail Constant Companion Irrigation Staff Streams in a Desert Place Measurement Guage Resident Goose Another Local Loner Looking Soutwest Same direction
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    Pics of a small town life:

    Stopped by our local Nursery in town to inquire about some berry bushes. It was a soggy wet snowing day: Only in a small town....
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    Moisture pics from this week!!!

    So far we have received 3" over the last several days. Nice slow drizzle or wet snow. I sure hope some of this drifts East.... Looking Southwest The veiw to the West More Western veiws A Soapweed Northern Coriente Red heifer calf out of a black cow.
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    Started snowing here about 6am. Steadily coming down, we have about 3" in 3 hours already, no wind!! bart.
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    Bud Williams has died

    Bud Williams Has Died Posted by Ann Barnhardt - November 25, AD 2012 10:13 PM MST The man who taught me the cattle business and largely enabled everything I have accomplished, no matter how far afield from cattle that might seem, has died. Clyde Leland "Bud" Williams passed away from pancreatic...
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    AI Schools

    Any recoomendations on an AI school in the Colorado area. The owner here has expressed an interest in sending me to one this winter while we are slow, and I think I should take him up on his offer. Thanks bart. †
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    Flood Irrgation question

    I'm new to this flood irrigation business. We irrigate about 53 acres of mixed grass hay. We still have senior call on our creek and ditch, and can still put water on our feilds. Soon the grass will go dormant, is there still any benefit to irrigating this late in the season, if for no other...
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    Farrier work

    Wondering how many folks on this board do their own trims and shoeing, and who hires it out. And what is your deciding factor on whether your horse(s) go barefoot or get shoed? I started apprenticing with a local guy so that I could take care of my own, and possibly sideline a bit. It sure is...
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    Tracto H.P. loss at elevation?

    I'm working on some equipment numbers for hay equipment. While matching up PTO H.P. size to a mower conditioner it struck me that there may be a loss of H.P. at higher elevations (8000ft.) Any of you folks know about this or does it not matter? Thanks. bart. †
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    Ponderings about stirrups and boots

    I broke a stirrup today. It's a wonder I didn't break my neck after doing some trick riding trying to get my mare to slow down while I was ringing sideways, but all ended well :D Anyway, this was one of those polymere types, I don't like it anyway becouse it is too small for me to get my Muck...
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    Cowboy Photographs from the early 1900's

    I found this collection of photo's, pretty neat to see how it used to be done. This should keep a person busy for a couple of hours..... http://www.cartermuseum.org/collections/smith/collection.php Enjoy!!!! bart. †
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    Hi-Tensile and MIG question

    I am getting ready to subdivide one of my pastures for mob grazing. The plan is to divide the pasture into 3 or 4 long strips or lanes using the Hi-Tensile, then form smaller padocks with polywire for daily moves. Lets assume I will be receiving fresh sale-barn calves, stockers and such on a...
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    Border Collie Question

    My wife found a Border Collie that is being given away. It is a 3 year old male, and lets just assume that it has no training. What are the chances that it will have enough instincts to be able to help gather a small 20 something bunch of cows out of a 60 acre open pasture into our pens. Lets...
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    Anyone use Diatomaceous Earth for Parasite Control?

    Free choice or mixed with mineral? Did you find it effective? Thanks. bart. <><
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    Memorial Day: In rememberance of Fallen Comrades

    Post the name of a Fallen Comrade, Relative or Freind that didn't come home. I'll start: EN3 Micheal R. Uyeda, USN, Special Boats unit 24, Killed 12 Dec 1984, in Honduras.