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  1. J


    did you make a trip over to Yardley's today?
  2. J

    Drunk Airline Pilot

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhoJqf9-Wk0 :lol: :lol:
  3. J

    Happy Birthday

    Jody :tiphat:
  4. J

    Brazil beef coming the the U.S.

  5. J

    Common Core Education

    this topic maybe should/could be posted in PB but i refuse to go to that side of the tracks. :) for those of you with children or grandchildren in school...are they being taught Common Core Math? they are teaching it here and i never thought i'd see such a ridiculous method of teaching math...
  6. J

    "The NFL" a bad lip reading

  7. J


    word on the street is Lot 1 brought $400,000. 2/3 interest, no possession. :???:
  8. J

    a few summer/fall photos

    i haven't posted any pics as of late, so here is step #1 in an attempt to catch up. :wink: the boy decided early this spring that being led around was for kids so he took over the controls. he and his sister put on many miles together this summer. it was fairly dry around this part of the...
  9. J

    had to laugh...

    i was always telling NR how my EXT cows were so gentle. well, for the first time, one of them got pretty damn aggresive this morning as i was tagging her calf. Cory had to have had somethin' to do with that... :lol: :D
  10. J

    won't be long...

    until the Ranchers clock is back on track. :D
  11. J


    hope you have a great sale today.
  12. J

    US Drought Outlook

  13. J

    something to ponder....

  14. J


    the Tebow fans are quiet :D :D
  15. J


    this years NFR is in the books, how did your favorites do?
  16. J


    i think you're having a pretty good sale when the bidding starts at $5000 :shock: although, towards the end of the sale they were starting the scrubs at $3000 :wink: that sale average will be interesting.
  17. J

    Happy Birthday....

    BRG. have a great day buddy :-)
  18. J

    NFR on Canada's Sportsnet

  19. J

    photos from Nov. 3

    getting ready to gather this bunch of cows and haul them home from summer pasture. giving poor directions :? the landowner heading out some but not all have been spotted all of these cows have heifer calves at side slowly getting them through the gate calves have been sorted away from...
  20. J

    Gold Rush Alaska

    did anyone else watch that show last season? i see the season premiere is on tonight. this should be good....... :lol: :lol: