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    Free Ranching Advice from an Old Pro

    A lot of the reason those old guys live so long is they worked hard all their lives, they enjoyed what they did for a living, most of them did it as a family unit and they dang near lived on straight meat.
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    Wow....get too mouthy....pay the price....

    I guess I don't like taking abuse from man, woman, or critter. The gal had it coming. Look to me like the driver tried to reson with her long enough. Too bad he didn't get her throwed off the bus and leave her there.
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    Wow....get too mouthy....pay the price....

    THAT.......Made my day. :D :D :D :D
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    Our new addition.....

    He's a cutie all right. Did he come with the cap? :D Our adopted grand daughter will be four in April. Being grand parents is a good gig. :wink:
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    I don't understand

    I agree wih LazyWP. People don't think any more. Trailing cattle is still a nessesity in alot of places but do it right.
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    Man with a cattle tag in his ear

    Just one more reason stupid people shouldn't breed. Although.......it would be a good way to keep track of the kids. :lol:
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    Could use some support.

    Just voted. :D
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    A poem for Northern Rancher

    That shines, leaninH. You done him proud.
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    Mid February 2012

    Thans for the pics, Pard. Tell Kosmo he looks alot better since he dropped the Amish kid missionary look and found his razor and soap. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Life is so unfair

    Prayers up from the sandhills. Just had a funeral for a three yr. old girl here in our country. Hard thing to do.
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    Hey Soapweed

    Congrats. How's that new grand baby and the Mamasita doing? :D :D :D
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    Is anyone from here going to the Cowboy Poetry gig today?

    Hope you had a good time Fasterhorses. We performers sure did. It was good to see you again. :D
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    Mostly clouds and a few cows, July 30, 2011

    That cloud hung over our hay meadows for two hours. Sure shut down our haying on a great day. Hailed for an hour and a half and got 2.6 inches of rain. A mile north and a mile south we didn't get any thing. Just where we were haying :mad: It was so spotty.....how spotty was it......It was so...
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    Signs of spring

    A real sure sign of spring in this country is when the indians come down off the Rez dragging their space heaters to the pawn shops. Haven't seen that sign yet.
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    I'm from the city and want to move out west to start a ranch

    If I was as young as you and had the money you're talking about i'd invest it in something safe. Get a job at a ranch that is willing to take you on if you're willing to learn there's lots of them. You must be able to take all kinds of weather and stay out in it. You need to be fearless around...
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    I'm from the city and want to move out west to start a ranch

    I've worked on ranches all my life and have never been able to get my own. So my advice is probably not what you're looking for. But things I've seen work are----ranch basic, I mean basic equipment, basic facilities, basic stock. Don't be lured into keeping up with the neighbors. Get the best...
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    Derry Brownfield has passed on.

    I must say that listening to Derry was something I'd try to do IF I could. not always near a radio at the time of broadcast. Didn't always agree with him on some things but always agreed on what he was trying to do. Always enjoyed his guests and it kind of keeps us hermits up to date with what's...
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    And the race is on to see who does this song the best

    George Jones sings it the best. But Jody Miller had the best video. :D
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    Warming up the blood

    Hey. I think I recognise that spot. :shock: :shock: :shock:
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    Week-end photos, August 30, 2010

    I remember some of that country. There are days to get from point to point you wish you were a crow.