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    Poem I wrote about putting in a trough

    I posted those pictures of Silver City over on CT. A man on there who lives over on the Washington coast with about 40 inch annual rain fall replied. He said that he had driven through Jordan Valley (an Oasis in the desert) and said "water is king". Gee did any of us know that?
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    Ignoring comments from this poster

    The problem would be figuring how to undo the ignore which you did a test run using some unnamed person as the subject ............. Maybe it isn't an issue. :)
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    Ignoring comments from this poster

    Click on the persons name just like you want to send them a PM. One of the options that will show is ignore. You could test it out on H. He won't care :):cool: ;):p:):(
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    Ignoring comments from this poster

    All joking aside if you ignore someone if you ignore someone when they post a message will show up saying that an ignored person commented. It won't show the comment or the name of the ignored person. In over 18 years over on CT I have ignored one person. That is what shows up when he posts.
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    Wonderful question

    Enjoy your audit.
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    Ignoring comments from this poster

    But it is understandable with you.......;)
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    Silver City

    We went for a drive yesterday to Silver City, Idaho. It is a historic old mining town in the Owyhee mountains about 25 miles by road east of Jordan Valley Ore. It was very big back in its day. Supposed to be 2,500 people living there. The first town in the territory to have telegraph and a...
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    Sale price on calves

    I think a lot of these hay farmers are going to be sitting on hay at those prices. Hobby farmers and backyard horse people are going to be the only buyers. I have a buddy over on the coast where I use to live. Last year east side rancher were buying hayage from the coast. 1,000 pound bales...
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    Sale price on calves

    Depending on the exchange rate you might already be there.
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    Braggin' a bit

    You should be proud of both the steer you raised and the student which you choose.
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    Star Class 😁

    I knew there had to be more to it than I know. I have raised some pigs they seem to have a mind of their own.
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    Star Class 😁

    Congratulations, I never figured out how you go about showing a pig. A steer you halter break. A lamb you can man handle. Neither of those works with a pig. So is it here is my pig. You have seen it Mr. Judge because I showed it to you. Extra points if you bring the judge the cold...
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    Sale price on calves

    Do you think margins are that thin? I didn't think we are into negative numbers yet. Hay price for those who have to purchase hay is a real killer this year. By my fine calculations my neighbor got 23% more for his steers than last year. He is in a situation where he isn't buying hay. Diesel...
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    Sale price on calves

    Those mixed loads always take a beating.
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    Sale price on calves

    I have kept my eye on Superior off and on this week. They are selling real good. Steers in the 500-600 pound range are bringing over $2.00. I saw a big draft of 515 pound steers bring $2.525. Some 425 pound steers from a little south of here sold for $2.74. I bet there is a little dancing...
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    Hey Mountain Cowgirl

    Had me worried there for a minute. There is a Russell print on the wall behind me. I thought "Bronc for Breakfast"...... So I got up and checked. It is "Camp Cook's Trouble". So I guess I am safe for now. Going to have to move that print anyway. That is where my mountain lion hide is going...
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    first rattle snake

    First rattler up close to the house in a couple years. Well it isn't coming back unless its name is Lazarus and gets raised from the dead. The dogs have both had the rattle snake shot but both stayed way back. In fact Rufus is flat out scared of them. Medium snake about 27 inches or so...
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    Grand Champion Lamb

    My 14 year old granddaughter won Grand Champion 4H market lamb at the county fair over at Olympia WA. Her first shot at it and she was Grand Champ in showmanship too. The 125 pound lamb sold for $6.50 a pound which is pretty good for her too.
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    The Northwest Inter-agency Coordination Center called the fire 425 acres. Their website and maps are the most reliable source of fire information I have found. This morning I couldn't get their website to come up on the computer.
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    That was the crack of dawn report online. Probably not the best report or detail. Details were hard to find this morning. The location map I found didn't have any of the roads on it. I am happy they got it knocked down. And hopefully just mopping up. We have those high swirling winds going...