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  1. Z

    Jinglebobs Book

    Sounds great! I remember it's preview somewhere here a few months ago.. Glad it's top read, Jinglebob! :D
  2. Z

    Prairie Home Companion

    No, no no! FH, I'm not really IN Wyoming.. More like in dreams! I better change it, it's confusing isn't it? :oops:
  3. Z

    The official start of summer

    Ditto! :shock: :wink:
  4. Z

    Prairie Home Companion

    Sweet! This place seems like the real deal. It's a shame Buffalo's getting touristy though.. Thanks, FH! :D :D
  5. Z

    Prairie Home Companion

    Everything please! All I seem to know bout Wyoming are the small ranch places.. Does Buffalo do Kaycee justice?
  6. Z

    I Need A Cape!

    Well, Mrs Greg, at least he's not leotard-clad type, right? *snort/snigger/cackle* Just kidding, Mike! :wink:
  7. Z

    Prairie Home Companion

    Kaycee? Cowboy? Wyoming. I'm curious about the place, FH!
  8. Z

    I Need A Cape!

    Well, as long as the head stays ON the animal.. :o :( :wink:
  9. Z

    I Need A Cape!

    So did I! Pronghorn. It's a catchy word that.. Pronghorn. :D
  10. Z

    Rafting the Colorado???

    :shock: *big, shiney eyes* Amazing!
  11. Z

    I can give you one good reason to learn english in the USA

    Yeuch! I dunno what the hoot that is but it better not be spermacide he's brushin his teeth with. It's SO wrong :x :???:
  12. Z

    Rafting the Colorado???

    You go, girl! That's enough adrenaline rush to last a good few years for me.. :D Can't you take me with you, Kolanu? :cry: :wink:
  13. Z

    Co;orful Cattle

    Out of all these beauties.. I like the lil fella at the top best! :D
  14. Z

    Prairie Home Companion

    Is that the romance flick or the horror one? Lemme google it first lo .......... I googled it and it's comedy. Never heard of it! Looks fun though, right? :D
  15. Z

    We Got Him!!!

    Ssssick. I wanted him to get the same treatment too, Hay Maker.. :mad:
  16. Z

    Congratulations Liberty Belle

    That's great Liberty Belle! Congratulations, and hope you'll make it through the big one! :D :D
  17. Z

    It's a contest, folks!!

    Meaty Knickers?! Oh dear.. :lol:
  18. Z

    Guess Who's Back? = )

    I will, Mrs Greg, thank you :D
  19. Z

    Da Vinci Code

    OMG I loved it too! And the music at the end.. Ohh. Conflict?
  20. Z

    Why Haymaker doesn't Doctor at Walmart anymore.

    HAH! :D Good 'un, Hay Maker! BMG, who's Miss Tam?