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    Poem I wrote about putting in a trough

    Good job!
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    Ignoring comments from this poster

    Not that I want to, but how do you ignore someone?
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    Ignoring comments from this poster

    Seems odd
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    Silver City

    Nice pics, I haven't been there in ages
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    Braggin' a bit

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    Star Class 😁

    Good job!
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    Fish Wildfire burns at 0% containment near Sundance, Wyoming

    Ugh, hope they get it under control
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    Grand Champion Lamb

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    Yeah the winds are scary but nothing seems to be doing anything. So hopefully it's out. Praise the Lord!
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    I would bet it's more than 150 acres
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    Idaho Trip- Reception #2

    I was born in Arco, Mike says that is why I have an electric personality!
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    We went to our leased ground and drove to where we thought it might have got to and couldn't see any black. I'm sure it did burn on us but not as bad as we thought it might. Couldn't really get to the river canyon but didn't see any smoke. They have a helicopter up flying so that is good, and...
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    So, a fire (lightning strike) fire started on the BLM next to us. The steep trail most of you have seen pics of, tonight. They didn't get planes for a long time. We don't really know how bad it is. Will check in tomorrow.
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    Amazing neighbors

    That's more impressive than grass over my head!
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    Idaho Trip- Reception #2

    You know you're not that far away now
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    Silhouette sunrise

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    Little H ties the knot

    Shortgrass...how are you??? Think of you often. Hope you are all well and will post here some more!
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    Little H ties the knot

    Awesome, but there were some tears at that reading!
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    No, I didn't see you, our yard shady thermometer said 94 so was much hotter in the not green shade. Rode this morning, got done at 12:30 and it was plenty hot. Going to be hauling hay in the afternoons this week, tractor and pickup both have AC