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  1. J


    County mag the road the day we started hauling hay home from left creek. got the power washer out to day , got the trailer done , now the duramax
  2. J

    it when the john deer stops leaking oil

    When the John deer stops leaking oil is when you in trouble. Took the dash out of the 4040 yesterday, replaced a hose on the power steering. other wise there be no hay rained on today.
  3. J


    8.6 miles one way,11cattle guards, 2 miles just MAG this morning. country road the rest county road and ranch 2 track. and 6 big rounds per trip. Like eating and elephant, it just one bite at a time.
  4. J

    Fish Wildfire burns at 0% containment near Sundance, Wyoming

  5. J

    how old

  6. J

    get em doctored before it gets hot.

    Up at 6 was going to try and get a bull down to a corral to doctor, Hour later we stretched him out between 2 four wheelers, Draxed and Banamioned him there. He just a long yearling. So now haul and stack more hay... So, morning Julie.
  7. J

    Any ties to Soapweed here

    Robert Hyde Died this Morning, his funeral will be in Auburn Wyoming Tuesday the 26th, Know he had family that worked the wagon rides, pack trips and hunting camps for Gayle Hyde and LD Frome.
  8. J

    National High School Finals Rodeo

    Went to Gillette few kids with their rodeo contestant numbers on their back. A steer wrestle and his mom from Kansas, A man and wife from Mississippi (their boys were team and tie down roping). They asked acres per animal.... told them everywhere from around 10 on an irrigated farm 20-25 in...
  9. J


    Poor blue gills, there was a couple troops of pelicans back on two of our reservoirs this morning
  10. J

    Cabin Creek Cavy

    missing the SIL Artic Cat, which usually needs a lead rope to get home
  11. J

    Sue new horse,

    picked up the Honda Rubicon yesterday, independent rear suspension, electric steering. She told me NO! She signed lot of papers and her check , sat thru all the extended warranty and extended parts, labor, gps . all totaled up to $2000 extra, but no that much put away will cover everything anyway.
  12. J

    oh the horror

    Oh, the horror, called a friend I had gone to college with. He has built up a nice ranch over the years. He been renting an inholding his property has surrounded for 40 years. The owner wants to develop, Friend made an offer to buy it out right and was turned down. Friend was at city county...
  13. J

    oxytocin shot

    oxytocin shot , so time Sue, grandkids and I get the water tank. Bet we will be heading to Gillette and see Jody and Alia , new Brother Wrodrow !!!!!!
  14. J

    FB weapons policy

    Friend in SD said that FB took down his add for a post hole digger because it violates their weapons policy !
  15. J

    !5 years ago

    36 years ago, my oldest son was born on this day. I came in from the hay field, Sue was fixing lunch in the kitchen. Her water broke, I went and took a shower and then we drove the canyon to the hospital in Jackson Hole. 15 years ago, yesterday was the hardest day in my life, when I got the...
  16. J

    took some mineral out today

    only a small bit of the cows
  17. J

    Live wiring

    Bull snake hears the swallows on the outside, but he can't climb the outside.
  18. J

    last night's fireworks at Devils tower

    Disappointment! leave a few minutes to 9 drive to the tower. park way back on the hill even before the pull off at Tower View. We sit in back the pickup. A little before ten the high light of the evening. Fireflies in the tall grass of the bar pit. A bit after ten the shortest fireworks show as...
  19. J

    soft hands

    hang nails healed , ruff skin smooth , cuts all healed , and all I did was roll up flecces and carry them to the square bagger.