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    Ignoring comments from this poster

    Why does that message show up on some threads? Some I can click on and view and others I can't. I am not intentionally ignoring anybody. Did I click on something I shouldn't have?
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    Hey Mountain Cowgirl

    KING of the INTERNET COWBOYS by Yvonne Hollenbeck He’s king of the internet cowboys; he rides for the old FB brand. He knows everything that a cowman should know, and a self-proclaimed “heck-of-a-hand.” His crown is a fairly new black Stetson hat; his throne is a soft, easy chair There’s a...
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    A couple more gone

    I saw where Buster Welch passed away also Kurt Markus an amazing photographer of the western way of life.
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    I thought Gcreek was in the news,again.

    For you newer members Gcreek has a bit of a reputation for tackling wildcats. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/b-c-man-fights-off-cougar-after-it-wrapped-its-jaws-around-family-dog-s-head/ar-AAWgsjW?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=02e07f496f504b159265c43722d9cb7a
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    Canadian Truck convoy

    My son ran with the Canadian Convoy from Regina to Brandon about 250 miles. He wanted to show support to those going all the way to Ottawa. When he got home he helped organize a convoy in to Regina our provincial capital. Over a thousand truck and thousands of people waving flags. The Canadian...
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    Interesting read

    I found this and thought it was very interesting. Not sure how to make it all happen. https://understandingag.com/natures-history-matters/
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    Faster Horses

    Watching a old movie tonight Bus Stop, Casey Tibbs rode a bronc. It was a Marilyn Monroe movie.
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    Faster Horses and Mustang

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    Bull rider killed in auto accident

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    Vaccine Impact

    https://vaccineimpact.com/2021/bombshell-fda-allows-whistleblower-testimony-that-covid-19-vaccines-are-killing-and-harming-people/ September 18, 2021 Print This Post BOMBSHELL: FDA Allows Whistleblower Testimony that COVID-19 Vaccines Are Killing and Harming People! Total Views : 7,475 98...
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    Broke Cowboy

    I was hauling a load of cull bulls to the sale in Mankota today, Broke Cowboy and I have been emailing as he and his wife are on a trip west. I was going about 20 miles south of where he was staying so we arranged to meet for coffee on my way back from dropping off my load. We just stood in the...
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    Look out Oregon

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    Tom T Hall

    Guess old Tom T passed away at 85. Wrote lots of great songs Faster Horses, Younger Women, Older Whiskey, More money.
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    Faster Horses

    The Movie Mackintosh and TJ is on Inspiration channel 364 direct Tv. It's a 1975 movie with Roy Rogers and Clay O'Brien, Didn't get to watch it as I have to get back to work. Looks like it might be OK.
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    Farmer's and Rancher's daughters

    I don't know who wrote this but they were spot on. Red Robin's thread fits this to a Tee God needed an extra-little someone who wouldn’t be afraid to run barefoot around the land that He created. Someone to hold baby kittens, bottle feed baby calves, and ride ponies until it was too dark to see...
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    Where's Flounder when you need him?

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    The American Rodeo

    Anybody watching? Pretty good show.
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    Missing rancher

    Been 2 years since Ben Tyner went missing. Such a sad deal. Missing B.C. Rancher’s Family Offers Reward | Drovers
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    I took a nice video of Tippy bring calves down the feed yard alley and penning them but it must he to large to email to myself, Got him in June and he spent the summer haying then when I was recovering from my knee surgery he was pretty bored hanging with me. He has really started working nice...
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    National finals rodeo

    Started on RFD tv and the Cowboy channel tonight. Sure nice it's started earlier then when in Vegas.