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    Photo tour around South Central South Dakota

    The windows are foggy cause Lazy Ace at lunch at the place in mitchell. :wink:
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    Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

    Nice pictures TTB. I still can't get over how soft the dirt is there. :lol: Sounds strange I guess. I don't think if you fell up there it'd even skin your knee. Nice cows and other pictures as well. Looks like your tank has a little extra mud above the water line. Still no rain?
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    Good Sunday Mornin"

    This weeks message is a valuable point shortgrass. Thanks
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    Good post oldtimer. :lol:
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    Rev. Jeremiah Wright - Muslim?

    Your honor, I'd like to submit article one as evidence (see above quote) of your brain surrendering to the delirious effects of 60 years of alcohol. :lol: You should go get checked out oldtimer. You ain't right.
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    Ug !

    Now Through 9 am...showers and thunderstorms will move into western and northern Arkansas from Oklahoma. Dangerous lightning and brief heavy rainfall will possible with these storms. Areas affected include Mena...Harrison...Clarksville and Waldron. The storms will continue to move east into...
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    Who's everyone supporting and why?

    It was everywhere Mike.
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    Ug !

    I wish you had this next round BMR. We've got plenty for a week or two.
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    Ug !

    It's wet enough already. I'd like to save a little for august. Arkansas Rivers Arkansas Lakes FORECAST DISCUSSION UPDATED: Monday at 12:45 p.m. It's turning out to be a beautiful day with temperatures well into the 60s for Arkansas and approaching it in southern MO. Our next storm system...
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    Talk about a whiner.............

    I always give an honorable man the benefit of the doubt till I know different. I'd think you'd do the same, especially when he's on our side in a war.
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    Talk about a whiner.............

    So you're saying one of our generals that has always been above reproach is a liar. You're a piece of work.
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    Funny all the hereford bashing lately

    Cattle are cattle to me. Most every breed has the same genetic diversity in them but the smaller the breed, the harder some traits are to find. You can make whatever kind of cow suits you. I do see the value in crossbreeding personally.
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    Now THIS is how to wave the old red-white and blue!

    Thanks NR. I always enjoy seeing "Old Glory" unfurled. Nice tribute.
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    RFI tested Hereford bull

    On my place, I am not as concerned with efficiency as I am with capacity. If they can't take in enough nutrition because of our sorry grass, they can't breed back, raise a calf , and maintain their condition. Capacity also shows up in pounds when they cross the scales.
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    A few pics from calving part 2

    It goes with the job. Like you say though, still no fun.
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    Winner - Wildlife

    I see one antileap.
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    A few pics from calving part 2

    Twisted uterus? How far could you reach vaginally? I'd think you'd feel something rectally though either way.
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    A few pics from calving part 2

    There are some really good breeders here in NW Arkansas and SW Missouri. I prefer the ground around Siloam Springs to here. They have more dirt and it's a little flatter and they also get more water. We do clip pastures and fertilize normally but this year, fertilizer costs are upwards of...
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    A few pics from calving part 2

    Nice stock shortgrass. We've had over 20" of rain so far this year.
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    Oldwhiner I guess you want the nondrinking taxpayer to cover your trips to the water hole as well? Why should my taxes fund alcohol related costs when I don't drink? Health Care Costs of Alcohol Health care costs and alcohol * Twenty-five to forty percent of all patients in U.S. general...