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  1. J

    Looking for a new guard dog ????

    Thanks for all the input everyone. Mucho appreciated :D
  2. J

    Terrible Day!!!

    I am so sorry to read about your horse. What a heartbreak. We have a creek that is right off the property and have worried about that exact thing happening with one of ours.
  3. J

    My Christmas Angel!!

    Thanks for sharing your story........it does make one think.
  4. J

    How many gentlemen on here have forgotten their anniversary?

    Gunslinger, I haven't been on line for awhile and am trying to catch up on the posts. My heart goes out to you, I too had to raise a son on my own with no help/money from the father. I live in Manitoba and if there is anything I can do to help just PM me. My gal pal just had a baby and I will...
  5. J

    A big Hello

    Just thought I would stop in and say hello to everyone. Computer was down for a bit. Trying to do the catch up on all the goings on. Haymaker you've changed your avatar I see. Hope all is good with everyone. Hugs and slobbers Jessie
  6. J


    Holy crappers.......I go off line for a bit and miss a wack of juiiiicccy stuff. Haymaker in his long johns....Did you buy any of the magazines later? Miss Lily your thong story to funny...sorry but it was.
  7. J

    First Ride after rehabilitation

    Awwwww what a nice ending to a crappy beginning. What a great job your young lady has done. :D
  8. J

    Canadian Press

    OT, How you put it makes sense to me. But does that not mean that it would all go back to the issue of Canadian beef is infected and American beef is not? There is no disputing rcalf made canadian beef out to be the total and only villian. Just lately when the border reopens the tune changed...
  9. J

    Payback Joke for Blondes

    Yup...strawberry have the irish and scottish mix. The guys at work just have to tease. Of course when they try to get to cheeky they do it from a distance. :wink: Ranchwife...It is good to see one for the blondes :D
  10. J

    Chicken Replacing Beef

    Okay not trying to play with the bulls here. I work for a major grocery chain and am involved with weight lifting/bodybuilding. Here are some of the reasons why ppl ARE buying more chicken. They have been TOLD it is leaner. One person said to me they just can not keep up with the, is the beef...
  11. J

    New Robotic Barber (joke)

    Okay please begging ya. Share the joke :)
  12. J

    Canadian Press

    Well written Kato. Some of the ppl that use the words" see the big picture "don't know what the words mean. Close the border again because we have BSE unlike the US and the what was it uh yes 12 year old cow. If it is the USDA that rcalf is saying needs to be addressed then do so. But to start...
  13. J

    A Quiz for Redriver

    Kato, I knew the answer to the sucker question, alot of ppl come here to get these fish. One asian family drove the wrong way and stopped to ask the husband how to get back to the highway. They had the TRUNK full. NO bags barrels....just tossed in the trunk :shock:
  14. J

    Payback Joke for Blondes

    :lol: :lol: LMAO.... I will so have to remember....( sp) this one when I get the blonde jokes from the guys at work.
  15. J

    The Family

    Nice family cowgal......reading some of the numbers 21 :shock: Thats insane holy moses batman.
  16. J

    Don't drink and drive: Special picture of Jinglebob

    Love that picture.... :D And as Lily said you can get a fine for drinkin and riding... :oops:
  17. J

    Poem for Friday: The Gathering

    :shock: Great poem. It sure seems like you guys all had a great time. Looking at all the posts and the Picture of Tam's behind with the plate was funny.
  18. J

    Current ranch photos, the fast version

    Thnat was fast even for the dial up in the country. Nice shots
  19. J


    Our guys and Gals wear one color and we have no sheriff's Was my point.
  20. J


    A Shania fan are ya? Your picture reminds me of the movies with that uniform on.