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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Finally getting a nice ran this morning ,not sure how much yet but the first puddles on the sidewalk have seen all summer Yard full of hunters, we have 4 CO's/ game wardens here hunting plus one's Dad and we have 4 with 2 more coming upland bird hunters, These folks all run Weimaraner dogs. We...
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    aint new but lookin in

    Ya we need all the help we can get. Glad to have you back,
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    still smoky and dusty dry here, we hauled a could rock piles this morning and it was powder dry silt and blow dirt in the piles with no moisture showing under the piles.
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    Mutton Bustin

    Tammy took the kids to the fair in Coronach many years ago, Tiffany my oldest was wearing a sun dress and sandals with no idea they had mutton busting, She wanted to ride so Tammy entered her up and she won. Some of the little boys were all dressed up like cowboys and weren't happy to be beat...
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    Is Martin Okay?

    Great your back, This is a family here, smaller then it used to be but family none the less. Get feeling better soon.
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    Looking for rabbit breeders

    Sorry I can't help you, I think there was someone in the past on here that had some but can't remember who. Hope your daughter has great fun with her project.
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    Howdy from Mike Trane

    Hi Mike Trane, this place is pretty quiet to what it used to be. Glad to have you, tell us a bit about yourself\
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Ya he left here a couple weeks ago so he's making good time.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    We have another hot one tomorrow, then the cooler trend.
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    Is Martin Okay?

    I hope you are right Texan So many of us rely on ranchers for our visiting but don't have a phone number or email for other members. Some I don't even know their real name. I can email Faster Horses and check up on her.
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    When did you start tagging your cows?

    We tag everything but as the cows age we don't retag unless it's a purebred and has a metal tag so we know her. It does help id individual cows and an asset at pairing, especially heifers and their calves. Bred hfrs don't get a tag until confirmed bred.
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    Is Martin Okay?

    I noticed the Daily Bible reading hasn't been posted for a few days. can't remember when that happened before so was wondering about Martin. Hope everything is fine and he just took a vacation.
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    Bale deck

    My son likes his newer Deweze, I have a older on that works fine just need the truck under it fixed up.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    I'm a little farther east along the 49th. Not much here and we hardly got a first cut.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    The tail end of Hillary could be ugly.
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    Hunting Elk

    So what would you do???? Elk season starts here September 15th. We have three houses/cabins we rent out for a nominal charge of $40/ person/ night. Those that rent a bed also get permission to hunt here. It's on foot but for Elk or Moose they can retrieve with an ATV and quite often I have...
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    Hate it when that happens, had about 6 section of precast concrete bunk tipped on it's back when the calves hit it.
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    Stack yard full

    Maybe better throw a cover on those big squares.. they take in water pretty easily and think you are in for some good rains from this hurricane this week.
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    Swamp hay

    I'm right of the border on the north east corner of Montana, we are dry here with little hay and poor crops but 20 miles south in the same valley friends are having a decent year. Rans have been spotty.
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    Good grief

    I noticed something black in the background right away. thought to myself "Silver s finally coming around" lol Upon closer inspection I can see that it may cause some grief and maybe not all good.