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  1. J

    Tyranny. A good read.....

  2. J

    Neat old video

    I'll bet the narrator was none other than Paul Harvey. Does anyone know for sure? Great old video!
  3. J

    WORD OF CAUTION- concerning the use of generators

    Friends, I posted this under the thread that FH started about backup generators. I thought it important enough to re-post as a new topic: WORD OF CAUTION! Aside from all the good ideas here about backup generators, I want to offer an important personal experience of mine. A half dozen...
  4. J

    Need advice on buying a generator

    WORD OF CAUTION! Aside from all the good ideas here about backup generators, I want to offer an important personal experience of mine. A half dozen years ago, I bought a gas powered generator, something like an 8000-9000 watt outfit, to run our house in a power failure. My brilliant idea...
  5. J

    Science and Technology Quiz

    I got 12 of 13 but I'm not bragging because I guessed on them all!
  6. J

    September 30, 2013

    Thanks for the kind words of sympathy. My dad was in such awful pain the last few weeks of his life, due to his bad hip and other ailments, that death was a blessing for him. His family had a couple of weeks to see him and talk with him before his passing which was another blessing for all of...
  7. J

    Lacy J Dalton

    Beautiful. I always liked Lacy J Dalton.
  8. J

    Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments

    How many saw Sean Hannity's Show on Friday night? He had Mark Levin on for the full hour, with a panel of Conservatives, discussing his plan to "re-establish" the Constitution, as he outlines in his new book "The Liberty Amendments". The panel offered an occasional differing opinion but...
  9. J

    Wide Swathing

    I take the windrow shields off of my swather to make the widest swath possible, then rake two together before it's baled. In good haying weather, it will dry in one day, which to me, obviously produces better quality hay than if it needs to cure for two or three days. We cut only native...
  10. J

    June 22, 2013

    The flies have really come on strong the past few days. Our horses are just miserable trying to avoid the blasted things.
  11. J

    Hey Faster Horses...

    I was able to get the Full House sale report yesterday. It looks like a very stout sale indeed. The top ten brought from $15,500- 30,000. http://www.fullhousehorsesale.com/results.html
  12. J

    Hey Faster Horses...

    Thanks for reporting on what you had heard. Sounds like a sale we should have been to. Maybe I can find a sale report somewhere.
  13. J

    Hey Faster Horses...

    Did you attend the "Full House" Sale on Saturday?
  14. J

    Rye Hay

    One year when we were short of hay, I bought and fed several loads of rye hay. I don't remember how it tested, but the cows liked it and by spring, we had lots of rye coming up where ever the hay was fed. I decided it would be great stuff to feed on eroded areas where some cover and early...
  15. J

    More Music Videos...

    It's been foggy this morning and I put my little riding job on hold until it clears up. So what to do, to kill a little time? YouTube, of course!! In an email communication with my sister-in-law from Germany, she directed me to check out the Dire Straits song, "Ticket to Heaven"...
  16. J

    Branding Calves

    Nice lookin' horses. Especially the palomino.
  17. J

    Judge Jeanine Pirro Slams Jihadi Mom

    Good idea. Here ya go... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfD9ayd5WVA
  18. J

    R.I.P. George

    Undoubtedly, anyone interested enough, has already YouTube'd this great song but if not, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R2F9f2Cl6Y
  19. J

    R.I.P. George

    In the news coverage of his death, they called George Jones the greatest living Country Music Star. He recorded many great songs but in my opinion, "Choices" is as important a piece of music as was ever written. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wsm8cH7q_Mk
  20. J

    Speaking of spotlights

    I was needing new spotlights this year and picked up a couple made by PEAK- 1,000,000 candle power, cordless rechargeable spotlights, at our local True Value Store for about $20 each. These have plenty of reach and are not heavy. They have a comfortable pistol grip trigger switch. A regular...