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    training my collie?

    My old cow dog passed away last fall. I didnt know how i would make out without her, or how to replace her. She was fantastic, self taught and a collie/german shepard/wolf cross. Smart too, she understood everything i said. But now on to todays problem. We did breakdown and buy a border...
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    Japan border opening still months away

    "formally known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)." ok, who officially change the name of BSE????? Statements like this also prove just how much a reporter did their research and their own bias.
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    Weather reort from Australia.

    hi colin, Sorry to hear about the drought. Kinda figures, you have good prices and a drought, we have poor prices and good moisture. One of these years i wish we could get both at the same time, but if that happened, farming just wouldnt be fun.... :lol: our sale went ok, got all but 2...
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    Closed border bad for feedlots, packers

    "We want to do business with Canada, but we don't want to trade at the risk of our industry," said Shae Dodson, a Billings, Mont.-based R-CALF spokeswoman. "We don't want to introduce BSE into our American herd -- or any other foreign disease." This statement sound so much like what Canada...
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    Ok, i have been quiet the last few days, but this is something that needs a bit of sanity put back into it: If the US goverment limits packer owned and controlled cattle to 7 days, then how would a feedlot operator or cow/calf operator use forward contracts, bais contracts, futures hedging or...
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    A Letter From A Friend about a Tazer

    ok, i give up... dont you just hate when you know you want to keep something, cause you will need it later, so you put it away properly. Then when you need it you just can find it. :mad: Oh well, i know it will show up, everything does around here. When it does i will post it then...
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    for all the dads

    Application to date my daughter APPLICATION FOR PERMISSION TO DATE MY DAUGHTER NOTE: This application will be incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete financial statement, job history, lineage, and current medical report from your doctor. 1. NAME .... 2. DATE OF BIRTH ...
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    A Letter From A Friend about a Tazer

    dang, i must be getting old and senile, i cut and pasted from the wrong email.... :lol: i will find the right one and repost it....sorry Casa P. that was your story from last week. I sent it to a friend, and he sent me his so called true story about an experience with a tazer.
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    Letter to my Cat and Dog

    Dear Dog and Cat: When I say to move, it means to go someplace else, not switch with each other so there are still two of you in the way. The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note that placing a paw print in the...
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    BAN HAT???

    let him stay, he makes us all look smart, even Oldtimer :lol:
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    Enough is Enough. Gas prices

    "The largest supply of crude is said to be in the Alberta tar sands, but extraction is expensive and slow. Higher prices for crude are what makes companies willing to spend the extra dollars to reach these supplies. If the price were to fall production would simple slow as oil will keep" I was...
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    Canada's Cattle Go High-tech Using RFID

    Silver, If you put the back and the tag together before putting them in the ear, there is enough room left for the RFID tag to be put in all on one back. Its a bit tight, I tried a few this way to see how it works. Other wise with the RFID and visual ID tag in one ear it gets a bit crowded...
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    OMG guys... OT have you ever wondered why USA has a trade defecit? It is because the USA is currently the largest consuming country in the world. You don't have enough basic resources or production capacity to suppy what you produce. Therefore you have to import it. A number of years ago...
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    Speaking of Aid...

    Same here MLA, got a letter demanding just about 1/2 of the 2003 CAIS payment back. To top this of, the amount they want back is included in the 2004 T4 as taxable income. So what is happening, they are taxing it in the 2004 tax year, then demanding it back in 2005. I called and asked about...
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    Why wont R-calf do a telephone interview in Canada?

    John in Ontario Leo's number is 1-406-322-5597 Fax 1-406-322-5210 Let me know if your radio station can get him to talk....lol
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    Canada changes import regulations for U.S.

    Sandhusker, there is ranches north of White horse, Yukon. The land is cheap, weather in Whitehorse is pretty decent, and the crops they can grow in 75 days of 24 hours of sunlight would amaze you, and it is all cattle feed. Such as Alfalfa, timothy and brome grass. There is also large grass...
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    R-Calf getting nervous?

    Sash, how can we help Jim Murray with this lawsuit, or even get on board.
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    Why wont R-calf do a telephone interview in Canada?

    MR, if you want i can give you Leo's home phone number or Midlands bull test phone number. Should be able to catch Leo there, but dont bug Sam, she is a sweetheart.... :lol:
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    R-CALF comments on NAFTA

    OT, in hind sight i would hope that we would make our decision's based on science, but whats politics and big money get envoled, who know's. In 1999, when RCalf used NAFTA to impose a duty/tariff on Canadian Cattle, I asked Leo what was really behind this. His response was that he didn't feel...