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    mailing adress

    Some people have requested a mailing adress for northern rancher. It is: Box 147 Meadow Lake Saskatchewan S9X 1Y1.
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    Hereford and Baldy guru's

    Brian I am partial to the SMN 0527 Liberty 0709 bull. A good HH breder leading bid a benefit auction right now.
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    Hereford and Baldy guru's

    Brian I am partial to the SMN 0527 Liberty 0709 bull. A good HH breder leading bid a benefit auction right now.
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    Evening chores

    Paul the wildman-lynn Weishar, Paul I ran amuk in deadwood one night-heard lots of dog stories from Paul what a character.
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    Evening chores

    Yeah I wouldn't want to go ski whiff down some of BMR's hills on a pony that's for sure-you have a twin to my Dezzie in your dog pack the long haired black
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    SMN Herefords

    Through the wonders of technology two bumblers connected this A'M lol.
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    SMN Herefords

    Brain can you send me a text on facebook my name is Cory Stevan Wilson so we can discuss your proposal
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    Cooper Children Trust Fund Auction

    Sign of a good heart Chris!
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    Cows from canada

    Tyler bought them at their sale for the Waldorf Ranch then we both went down and calved them when his cow boss drug up. We calved a hundred and some hfrs out on grass and it went really well-the Waldorf has some great fields for late spring calving enough bush for shelter and to spread cattle...
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    Drakensberger, a future in the USA?

    I think calving at three might be fairly common practice over there.
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    Cows from canada

    Calveda semiload of Ole two year olds out grass this spring easy fleshing sound cattle and they were all good mammas.
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    Drakensberger, a future in the USA?

    That breed has always intrigued me-they are noted for great libidio and serving capacity are they not.
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    Cooper Children Trust Fund Auction

    Cooper Chilen Trust Fund Auction is name of group
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    ATV question

    The outfitters up here probably run 90% yamahas and hondas-hondas are a bit crude but never left me walking in the bush. Polaris and Arctic Cats don't seem to stand up to the day after day pounding of hunting season. Winching down miles of muskkeg and packing out bear and deer take their toll...
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    Bull Sale Season

    Nice set of bulls once again!!!
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    Cooper Children Trust Fund Auction

    Last May Ash Cooper-the clown at the NFR this year-lost his two brothers in a plane crash on a fishing trip in Northern Saskatchewan-in all five died in the crash. The brothers left six young kids between them-one brother ran the sale barn in Prince Albert and one was an ex PRCA bronc rider...
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    Trying out our new team of horses, February 4, 2012

    Nice team-looks like they've had some use. A round bale unroller on wheels would look good behind them.
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    Bull Reports

    There is some down here because they sell a little bit every year-I have a gut feeling my U'S semen got sold into South America in one big volume deal-they are real shysters.
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    But is it hockey?

    it's fun creative hockey for sure.
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    How did you meet your better half?

    I knew her all her life-her oldest brother and I were best friends-played on the same line in hockey for years but I was always sneaking a glance at little Sis. We dated for a few years then eloped at the Canadian Finals Rodeo. I don't know what I would do without her she's my rock and I love...