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    Late April 2015

    Amazing video that Sunflower made! She must be very detail oriented to have it move so smoothly. I watched the whole thing, especially enjoyed the train ride and having tea, but cannot imagine the hours that must have taken her. I hope the teacher gave her A++ on it. (Sorry this is so late...
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    Assorted Pictures--------------

    What a beautiful sight! Wonderful pictures, especially the colt between its elders. I had no idea owls lived in dirt holes. Must take them quite awhile to excavate them.
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    Yes, congratulaitons on the grandbaby and I hope your ankle and knees improve quickly. I'm sure it feels like it is taking forever.
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    Why is a politician like a banana?

    :D yes, feet of clay. Maybe like all of us I guess except politicians have the advantage of showing off their feet publically.
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    Not, Mustang Pictures 2------

    The intensity of leaf color with the sun shining through never ceases to amaze! Still waiting for leaves to fully change here. Thank you for the preview of glorious fall.
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    Mustang Pictures--------

    Those pictures of them charging around you left me breathless. What great photos you got!
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    Which makes me add, all the folks I've known who have had knee replacements have done well and wish theyd had it earlier instead of putting up with the pain. Itsn't it wonderful this surgery is available today? Yes !
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    Very sorry to hear that she has a rough road to travel, Jody.
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    mrj, Praying here for your relatives and also your knee. Everyone we've known who had a knee replacement said it was well worth it in the end to have mobility back though PT was rather rough.
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    Old Letter

    That was an interesting idea. Do you suppose he really didn't open it all those years? I'd have been burning with curiosity!
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    Praying for your sister's peace of mind during this scary time.
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    Only in Australia

    Do they eat roadkilled kangaroo?
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    Only in Australia

    How did the kangaroo make out?
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    Prayers needed

    Two sad losses! I cannot imagine their pain. Praying here for comfort for all.
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    This from a retired RN: seek second opinion, please. Can't hurt and just might save her as other folks have said. We have a friend who was told she had stage 4 cancer, breast cancer to the brain. She had surgery, chemo, radiation and has been with us 7+ years, back to work and still here. She...
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    My Niece

    How elegantly beautiful! A delightful picture, too.
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    Made in the USA--lets make it happen in our homes

    Just checked my new shoes which apparantly aren't American made. Here is a list off the internet of American made shoes & boots: Athletic Shoes Made in the USA New Balance Made in the USA Shoes Many of our shoes are produced in one of six United States factories. While most of the footwear...
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    1st Graders getting ready for Thanksgiving

    A cute idea! gets those creative juices flowing.
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    A new look, a new start for a vet

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    Try this at home

    Since that would require cleaning my house before any filming--uh--No! But you'll be the very first to know, FH, if I put anything up on YouTube:wink: