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    March 20, 2012

    I must add that your system and breeds is very good and more natural than and easycare than practiced here. Good work.
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    March 20, 2012

    Thanks for reply. I was wondering how you manage so many head. Guys here because their farms are smaller tend to go for the breeds that come into the most money and they are Belgium Blue, Charolais and limousion. Mostly assisted calving and dopier calves with the BB and Charolais. Most herds...
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    March 20, 2012

    Some amount of calves Soapweed. You have some workload calving that lot. Do you pen each cow as she calves to make sure calves get a suck or just watch them.
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    No snow this winter. Temp was 12C today. Soon will have cattle out.
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    Speaking of Calving Cameras and Twins

    Maybe if you had a camera you would still have cows.
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    Mid February 2012

    Lovely photos Soapweed. The cows are looking very well. Are you having a easy year calving . Must be nicer without the snow or are you concerned about water for the land. PS. Kosmo kid looks better without the meg.
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    December 16-20, 2011

    Super photos Soapweed. I just love the ones of the heifers being moved. Hope they sell well tomorrow.
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    Managing Red Angus Bulls.

    A well feed 7 month bull calf would put his sisters in calf no trouble.Prob a bit small for the cows,
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    Managing Red Angus Bulls.

    Well christopher, if you can only see your stock every third day then AI is not for you. Good fencing is your piority as your stock could be gone miles in your absence. A battery fence with a tractor battery will last severel weeks. Just make sure it is well secured against theft
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    Mid December 2011

    Soapweed, thats a lovely batch of in calf heifers. If you were over here i might buy a load off you. I have a few similar ones here myself , inside now on hay, What do you think yours weigh ?
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    Managing Red Angus Bulls.

    Welcome Christopher to the forum. Best of luck with your cattle enterprise. Ihave no experience of farming in the tropics but i suppose in general looking after cattle the basics all similar. You mention a dairy enterprise next door, do they have a bull because if they have you might have...
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    Pictures, December 9, 2011

    great heifer weanlings soapweed. you have some number. Great to see your photos as always. Your escaping well on the snow so far.
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    November 13, 2011

    Glad your having a good time Soapweed. Its 21.30 here in Ireland and we have the stove on enjoying the heat. Heard today a friend got 2000 euro for a bull for killing. Thats around $2600. !!!! Some price. Never seen it before . Bull beef has a market in Europe. Happy thanksgiving to you and...
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    Done feeding cows

    You guys have it made if that works. Would you think it would be worthwhile having ring feeders to drop over bales to reduce waste, i know you would probally need the loader to move them . your land should benifit from 5 months muck concentrated in one area. There are some farmers here doing...
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    November 13, 2011

    Soapweed,hi, Great photos. I was wondering today what you would be doing at at the ranch Hope the snow stayes away from you for a while. We are having a dryer than normal time here and there are some stock still out on the fields. Usually it best to have them inside as the fields...
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    Congrats Faster Horses

    What is a vigrotone dealer selling. Is in vigaro for bulls or cellphones? We dont have vigrotone here
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    we have big sq bales of straw. i find them great to make a pen or wall to hold stock. If i had a difficult animal like your bull i would put a big square bale on the loader and push nudge him into the trailer. safe too.
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    Good to hear you are getting good prices for your weanlings Soap. Seems to be a world wide thing. Prices here are $300 up on last year for finished cattle. Weanlings are up by a similar amount. Angus heifer weanlings weighing 660 lbs would make $850 here. What are you all going to spend...
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    Our herd we don't run on the forest...

    Do you eat the moose you shoot. similar to deer meat is it
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    Semi in a ditch

    thanks for photos of loaders george. we have a cat it 12 here on the farm. handy machine,but noisy.You have them is smart order