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    The Great Elk Ambush 2020

    The great elk ambush 3.0 was a success today. Over 100 elk to choose from. I shot a yearling cow. We will be eating good in the neighborhood this winter. And my hunting partner neighbors made what can be a tough job a breeze. I did get a close up look at the herd bull. Oh to have had a bull...
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    Finally got a loader

    I bought this Massey 390 while I was still over on the coast. Plan A was to mount a loader on it. But they wanted more for a new loader than I paid for the tractor. So after several years of trying I finally found a used loader in decent shape for an affordable price. It is a Farmhand F258...
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    Deer season

    I planned to take this buck out of the gene pool. He was on the short list last year but disappeared during season. He is a 3 1/2 year old buck. Three points on one side 4 on the other, 18 inches tall with a spread on top slightly less than 5 inches. He was in the hay field on opening...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone
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    Spaying heifers

    There are three of us putting together some light calves that will be running together in the spring and early summer. There will be both steers and heifers running together so we are talking about spaying the heifers. The theory is that this will prevent a heifer from coming in heat to be...
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    Burning daylight

    Others seem to be sharing stories here so I thought I would throw one in. Burning Daylight by Dave Nygard Back in the spring of ’74 I had a rodeo-traveling partner who I will call Bob (names have been change to protect the guilty). He was from Montana. His parents had a big ranch in central...
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    I am a looooong time lurker. Actually a long time member. I registered years ago but was never able to log in. I finally took the time to get a password to work. I am "webfoot" because back when I registered I was living on the Washington coast. This last year I sold out on the Washington...