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    Fred Weimer was my great-uncle. You know he dug the hole for the basement of the old Legion building. He was the only one in Bennett County to have a dozer.
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    Obit of Ray Weimer

    Trying to close out this thread, when I remembered that I hadn't posted that mom, Joy Weimer died last year. I happened in April 9th. She was nothing but skin and bones, couldn't talk but with her eyes. She was the BEST!! I had grieved for several years before she had passed, it is hard...
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    Word Association Game

    My ex!!
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    Thanks to all..

    Thanks to all for the prayers,When Vern, my brother-in-law died. such a shock for all. My father-in-law is finally back to the Valentine hospital and is doing fine!! His recovery will be long but he is happy to be back in Cherry county!! again thanks to all!! :o :( :wink:
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    Soapweeds everywhere

    He looks alot like, Pecos, the horse dad got me when I was still in grade school. nice horse, good luck with him :!: :wink:
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    She's beautiful!! you can count yer lucky stars on her. 8) :wink: good luck and have fun with her. Obama=one big ass mistake, America!!
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    Check this out - ATV ramp

    that's way cool, but never work here in Nebraska, some cows would just get smart and walk over the dern things. :roll: :lol: just like tryin' to jump over a fence like they were younger again!!
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    Can't Reply???

    Me too, Jassy. can't do it at home, just keep askin' to log in, a big pain in the hinny. is it a problem on their end or ours?? and as for them truckers, they are great when you get stuck in a hailstorm with a little kid, they pulled up and shielded us from the worst of it. :wink: :!: thank GOD!!
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    A few blizzard pictures, January 6, 2010

    Yes it is bad, got stuck in Scottsbluff today :( and hope to make it home. The pics remind me of home and how much I miss it. great pics, soapweed, thanks.
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    Word Association Game

    snot...... :roll:
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    Porcupine + Cows = Big Mess! part 1 of 2

    Since you call him your employee and not by his name just call him, "Crash Cowpoke" :lol: :lol: :roll: :wink:
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    Online Scam

    thanks, we are looking for a Goldwind trike but nothing yet, something nice but a few years old. harleys are alittle too loud for this old country girl. good luck selling it did you try e-bay? :wink: 8)
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    Online Scam

    sounds like a snake to me, but don't want to insult the snake :!: :!: :roll: :lol: :P what kind of bike, hubby and I are alookin'
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    Word Association Game

    grasshoppers(yuck) :x :P
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    Word Association Game

    RAIN :!: :!: we finally got some :roll: :lol: 8)
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    Cows & Quills- Part 2

    Yes, Leigh said that he and one of his boys tracked it just after calving and that's where it was headed. There has been tracks in and around Merriman, too... but the G,F,&P guys says there ain't. what do they care. :roll:
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    What's your favorite ranch "chore"?

    Moving cows and calf pairs out to spring pasture, or maybe loading and unloading cattle coming back from summer range, or even riding on a J.D. 3010 rake tractor enjoying the scenery :!: :!: :D 8)
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    Buford or Giant?

    We had 2 guys around here back about 30 yrs ago that each had one, red and one gold. That one sure is a beauty, what's the price? :-) :wink:
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    Obit of Ray Weimer

    My dad Ray Weimer passed from this range on the Morning of March 18th. He was 82 yrs, 2 months and 11 days old. He suffered with Alzheimer's like dementia, and bloodclots in the legs. His memorial service is Monday, March 23rd at 1P.M. at Our Redeemer's Lutheran church in Martin, SD with...
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    Sunday pictures, June 8, 2008

    Thanks for the pics Soapweed, good to see that someone did make it to the picnic. :oops: :) We couldn't on account of a wedding fer a niece the night before. But was perfect weather for both, and good to see that you got a good pic of the Tri-state cowgirls president there. :wink: :roll...