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    Another arguement against wind turbines

    Sigh. Thanks. I shared that on my FB page.
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    Early May 2015

    "Cycling" IS riding around, balancing on 2 hind wheels.
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    quiet wean nose flaps- final assessment

    Yes rem_243 Even tonight the cows are much quieter already... only a dozen now hanging out at the heifer pen I am rather pleased.
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    quiet wean nose flaps- final assessment

    I didn't "notice " any sores but I didn't clearly go looking for that either. However, I also didn't notice any reaction of pain or discomfort when removing them. I used them in calves from 400 pounds to 700 pounds... wide noses, thin noses. fat heads, thin heads...
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    Two stage weaning

    I'm typing it! I'm typing it!
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    quiet wean nose flaps- final assessment

    We took the flaps off yesterday which meant another sort and run through the squeeze. Several flaps fell off in the crowding pen behind the chute and the manufacturer suggests that you can remove flaps from the noses by filling the chute and taking them off along the cat walk. However at the...
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    quiet wean nose flaps -day 5

    Calves are quiet, cows are quiet. Udders are nearly gone... One thing that didn't change so far and that is the mother calf bond. They are still travelling in pairs, laying in pairs and keeping tabs of each other. I am afraid that when I do separate them I may find them only half weaned.. I...
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    quiet wean nose flaps

    Aw thanks Silver... they are not exactly where I want them but they are getting closer..
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    quiet wean nose flaps

    That was one reason I put up the pictures, was so that you could see the flap in its construction. No pointy stabby parts to inflict discomfort on the cow. The calves are able to eat and drink water as usual... they just can't get their tongue around it to grab a teat. Today is 69 hours post...
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    quiet wean nose flaps

    These pics were taken about 45 hours post nose flapping.
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    quiet wean nose flaps

    why wean first? Good question! and the answer is... its too cruel to rip them from their mothers, load them on a truck to be unloaded, sorted and resorted and then stand all night on the cement with no food or water, go through the sales ring, back to a pen to wait for another truck ride to...
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    quiet wean nose flaps

    Okay I am trying them. Applied them on Thursday afternoon. Not to difficult to do once you get the hang of it, then takes about 2 seconds a flap. Then we put them all back together in a spent hay field. I had begun feeding them about a week ago. Next morning I switched the hay type to premium...
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    Avg Price of Hamburger Over $4.00

    So its up to the price of a bag of chips then?
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    How to cook nuts?

    As deja vu says... freeze first, then thaw a few at a time in a sink of cold water to cut the skin off. It will just peel off a frozen nut. then bread and fry... cocktail sauce is a good dip.
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    Scaling babies

    You can get a calf in a laundry basket? Now that's a teeny calf.
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    pre weaning calves of 2013

    They are Santa Simm cross.
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    pre weaning calves of 2013

    Pre weaning calves. [/img]
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    Crazy Bull

    Last year I bought a dozen full blood Simmentals. They were all light yellow. They mixed in quite well with my mainly gert herd but all the other cows were dark red to medium red. The first 2 light yellow Simmental calves born set off the normally quiet gert cows. I think they thought the first...
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    Things that aren't as good as they were

    Bact to things that aren't as good.... Pork roasts are dry, tough, flavourless and you can't make gravy from them anymore. Real rubber boots are over 100 bucks and the other "rubber" boots are half plastic and get hard and clacky in the cold. Instead of being made from metal, appliances and...
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    ranch picture 1-13-2013

    Never mind the wet boots.... what a wild carpet.... and why is she standing on that carpet with wet boots? :o