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    I want to work on a ranch!

    We are usually able to get a student about every two years through this program. They usually are away from home for about 15 months (they do two tours in 2 different countries) THey are supposed to get every weekend off (except should work during calving and harvesting/seeding). THey also...
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    I want to work on a ranch!

    H :D ere is an idea, I have not read the entire thread so maybe it has already been suggested. At my mixed farm operation we have got foreign agricultural students. We supply room and board, a vehicle, and only about 7.50/hour. We also supply all the work that any young person could want on...
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    Bale Grazing Revisited

    I don't bale graze - put up silage instead due to not being able to give up 2000 acres of cropland to grow hay on just to feed cows. If people are crazy enough to sell me hay for $40 /tonne delivered, maybe I will go that route. - definitly could not grow my own hay for cheaper. I heard from...
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    Can't Believe It!!!

    Sorry about your bad luck.- You got off easy compared to some though. My neighbor lost 7 - 2 yr old buffalo through the ice (thought they would be smarter than cows),-- I was able to save one as it was half way up the bank and roped it and yarded it out with the tractor Sure made me sick to...
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    winter grazing corn

    elwapo, I bit the bullet and planted 40 acres this may. seed was about 70$ /acre alone, (RR tech) not to mention 70lb N/acre and 100 lbs/acre of granular (forgot the exact mix) Seeded it into some land where we spread lots of manure from out feedlot. No corn planter, used 12" spacing air...
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    M-R - just wondering about the status of importing generic ivermectin from the states. I thought I'd heard last year CCA was trying to stop it. Is it still allowed?
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    Cutting greenfeed

    hello diamond, heres my two cents worth. we cut our greenfeed at early dough stage so we have more leaves present. we also seed it quite thick, 120 lbs/acre +. Leave it to late, cows don;t seem to eat the courser stalks. and more waste. More protien in the plant at early dough stage, but...
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    Cutting greenfeed

    up there is enough clearance under that ole Case to keep from dragging. The only I have to make sure is that I have a drawpin that just comes through the drawbar and doesnt stick out too much or else I would be dragging a big pile of swath up...... heres a tip, tie a mudflap or something like...
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    Tap, I winter my dry cows on snow whenever I can. It has to be clean, fluffy snow. The cows have to be in good shape at the start, and by feeding dry cows a maintenance ration where they slowly lose condition over the winter, they do just fine. Don't expect the cows to put on weight though...
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    ust 60-70 miles south of me- there are quite a few that plan on grazing all winter and plan on only feeding hay for a few days if a real bad storm sets in...But they are down in the breaks where usually after a snowstorm the chinook winds come in and clear it off or at least the...
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    cattleman, you're gonna have bigger problems than BSE

    econ 1010 wrote: Which one of these was handled better? What were the methods that would make one way of handling things better than another? What kind of person would you want to do business with in each of these scenarios? Can we devise economic incentives that provide for making the correct...
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    cattleman, you're gonna have bigger problems than BSE

    Exactly big muddy rancher. This is one disease (among many) that a producer can have control over (unlike BSE which may occur naturally). People with infested herds may only get 2 or 3 calves out of a cow before it dies.. with no salvage value. Heck, my neighbors bred heifer got such a dose...
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    cattleman, you're gonna have bigger problems than BSE

    my neighbor lost a bred heifer in late december, turned out it was johnes disease He almost did not test, as he thought it was hardware disease, but I suggested he take a blood sample when he put the animal down. Panic sets in, as he has had a closed herd for about 5 years, and keeps back...
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    Can the family farm survive?

    It seems to me that farms will either be corporate (many families incorporate) or hobby. Get big or have support from elsewhere I agree with most of this statement, but where I am at there is some 10000 + acre grain farms that are getting into trouble. Getting big is just a short term fix (if...
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    Can the family farm survive?

    How many think making food worth say 30% of an average income is the way to support ag? Oh my! I believe there would be a revolution.
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    fence corners

    I'm repeating most guys here, but I agree with the "H" posts and the wire tied from the top of the brace post back to the bottom of the corner. The brace will be in compression, as the fence tries to pull the corner post over, the force which will be conteraced by the twisted wire back to the...
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    Importing generic ivermectin

    I'm with outrider. I support FNA to the full, and I am kicking myself for not using them earlier. We saved thousands on generic roundup used for our pre seed burndowns, and we saved more with the generic pour-on. In total I have saved close to $15000.00 dollars this year IE. less than 1/2...
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    Good question

    With the big proposed changes coming in grain subsidies and the possible removal of a lot of land from CRP, I think you will be seeing an increase in cattle production if prices remain decent...Anyway around here- much of that land is not good enough to sustain unsubsidized crops but would be...
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    Oil Companies

    Free enterprise, alot of people spout off their support of this ideology when it goes their way, when it doesn't, they suddenly believe someone is obviously unfairly profiting at their expense. Even if the price of fuel doubles, as it will undoubtably, are you going to be forced out of...
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    How does one keep the neighbors bull out of ones pasture?

    Any where that brands are used will have a brand inspector. Most sale barns at sale day will have a brand inspector (someone to read the brands) to ensure no rustling is going on!!