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    Democrats, Republicans and Southerners

    Thats a good one! :lol:
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    Bad Wreck!!

    ========= faster horses, A blessing received for the daughter...no doubt! Amen!
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    Bad Wreck!!

    ===== Northern Rancher, Sounds like good progress with the truma repair. Hope the prognosis is as encouraging. Do you know if a review has been made as to exactly what went wrong? Did something fail....did he take un-necessary chances? Is the bull the ... cantankerous type...difficult to...
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    Artificial High Price?

    Radar, You are not alone. We wonder don't we? I have concluded that an artificial high applies a few weeks before xmas(shopping prices)...and the 3-5 weeks after xmas...inventory dispersal is the... artificial low. The others are up for question. :???: :lol:
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    Bad Wreck!!

    ============ Faster Horses, I understand...but for all handling of animals a safe process must be in place. No matter the reason to handle them. We have a 2000# herd Angus...a reasonably gentle guy...but when we bring the herd up he is the challenger. He just stands around in the herd and...
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    Clarence--what is this bird???

    ========== sounds like a killdeere here. They will lead u for 4-500 feet away from their nest with a fake broken wing :) ...acts like he's drunk...about 1/5 or smaller ....the size of this bird.
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    Bad Wreck!!

    =========== Big Muddy Rancher, I hear you...but, doesn't everyone have a channeling lane to their headgate? Geesh! I hope so...by now. Thats cattlehanding 101. These folks were getting semen samples. Sounds somewhat advanced to me...doubt the average cattleman does that. Just feel sorry for...
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    Clarence--what is this bird???

    That's gotta be a member of the crane family...isn't it? Looks a little like the Sandhill crane.
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    Bad Wreck!!

    My prayers are with him also. This is a reminder that while traditional ways are often adequate...we should look at new ways to do things. Maybe because I am lazy...but, anytime I see a new way...I look at it critically to determine if it is better/easier than what we know. 8) I would almost...
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    Good News

    ============== "agman" Careful......those grass fed bovines are getting a lot of attention these days. Early studies...many under way.....suggest more tender meat on pasture than dry grain. We all may be in for a change from the long standing thought that...corn fed beef.... was the best...
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    Ordering a pizza in 08 !!

    "This is so close to what is probably going to be happening in 2008 that we're not sure how funny this really is... Operator: Thank you for calling Pizza Hut. May I have your National ID number? Customer: Hi, I'd like to place an order. Operator: I must have your NIDN first, sir...
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    cloned angus bull

    ============= The horse is new...i guess.....but the two bulls were done back in 2001 or so. Just wondered if anyone had any udates on them?
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    cloned angus bull

    Does anyone know where this cloned disease resistant angus bull is? What is he doing? What is going on with him? Has anyone.....HEY TEXAS!!...seen him? " COLLEGE STATION, Texas (April 27) - A team of French and American researchers has successfully cloned a horse, Texas A&M University officials...
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    Count the "F's"

    five. In the following words; finished files of scientific of
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    the nurse in me could not resist!!!

    ======= TARSman, Don't stop the cinnamon...reduces bad cholestrol I understand.......1/2 teaspoon per day I read. Also pomegranate juice...two teaspoons per day...I could drink a gallon...but, cost prohbitive. If I wanted to start a new venture it would be ...pomegranate trees.
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    Branding methods.

    ============ Where is big muddy valley? Have a lot of em' around here with all the spring rain.
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    Hogs and our buddies

    ========= the chief, You are wrong but, you are forgiven. No apologies required. I make it a practice when I disagree with someone...i do it politely...not critically...because I just may be mistaken in my disagreement. Thus, one of my credes ...below. Please read my response to mike.
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    Hogs and our buddies

    ============ Mike, You obviously are not properly informed/aware of ADR...Arbitration/Private Judge review provisions for dispute resolution in business agreements. All elements alluded to in your post would have been prevented. It has been known for decades that ...with due respect...our...
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    Glad I did not over seed hay fields with Rye grass.

    ============= Alabama, Is the 400 a typo? Surely no condition could be prevelant requireing that amount of ferterlizer! LOL on being your neighbor... Any room there?
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    Hogs and our buddies

    rancher, Shame on the investor/producer for not having a contract with protection provisions before $300,-500,-1,000,000. was invested. That is a poor business decision.