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  1. K

    Obamacare roast

    Just saw this this morning, had to share. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRP8Do-IyRU
  2. K

    he's a hero :)

  3. K

    Tears fall

    I can sometimes be a bit of a wimp, but... I recently put an ad for farm help (fence work, barn clean up tree work, you name it) pay $10.00 an hour and weekend work required. I got some responses that were a bit well, we won't go there, but I got several from 50+ year old men...
  4. K

    "This drought is a real wreck"

    Documentary of a rancher in Texas who had to sell his cattle at auction earlier this month http://vimeo.com/31145928
  5. K

    SKINNY Angus

    A friend of mine is leasing some pasture space to a guy who has a small herd of Angus. It's a mixed herd of cows/steers and some calves (not sure of sex). This is the second winter with them. First winter they did well, and looked good. This year, he added more animals. Well, from a...
  6. K

    keeping steers cool

    We are having a heat wave in our area. The steers (black angus) are going in the barns and trying to stay cool but are making quite a mess. I would like to block them off. There is sufficient shade. The reason they go in the barn, is because it is partially underground, and has a stone...
  7. K

    Bull drags Police Officers down street

    Jeez, imagine that, several men couldn't hold onto a 1400 lb bull... Would have loved to see them try ;) 1,400-pound bull drags officers down street PATERSON, New Jersey (AP) — Police say a 1,400-pound bull that escaped from a northern New Jersey slaughterhouse dragged officers with a lasso...
  8. K

    catching steers?

    My brother has bought three angus steers. Problem is, they won't be caught. Need suggestions on how to get it done. They spent 2 hours yesterday messing around with this. Apparently the guy who he bought them from fed them that morning and thought the bait would work anyhow. Then there's...
  9. K

    enjoyable read

    Anyone here read the book entitled "Big Horses, Good Dogs, Straight Fences" by Mark Rashid? Just pulled it back off the shelf for a re-read- I enjoyed it a lot.
  10. K

    Good dog

    Haven't been able to do much work with the dogs lately. Too much snow, too much ice, and toes prone to frostbite, well- I know I am preachin' the choir here.. Anyway, I got together with some pals over the weekend. I was working some sheep (truth be told, training my dog), in one field and...
  11. K

    Missing rancher

    http://www.kansascity.com/637/story/953791.htm Missouri rancher is gone, but mystery remains By DONALD BRADLEY The Kansas City Star JIM BARCUS | The Kansas City Star A reward of $80,000 is offered in the mid-November disappearance of David Cook, a Bates County, Mo., rancher. The auctioneer sat...
  12. K

    How a Kelpie saved our Christmas

    Here's a story I wrote a couple of years ago- I picked it up and dusted it off, I hope you like it How a Kelpie saved our Christmas Many years ago, I’d say about 1970, my family had a big farm. On that farm we raised all sorts of animals- cows, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, you name it, at...
  13. K

    New here

    I have been visiting this site pretty much every day since I found it a year ago. Just love it. I want to thank all of you who work so hard to help put food on our tables, and remind us that each day is to be cherished. I don't have a ranch- sure wish I did. I spent my summers as a kid on...