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    Herd age

    thinking of selling everythin over 4 but a few really good ones. I can swap to heifer for $200 and save some feed.
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    thoughts on this herdsire

    He has great salvage value. I don't like him at all.
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    What would you buy?

    Hollands are awesome but cook slow. Webers are a very good grill that cooks even and can cook fast or slow. I have 2 webers and a Holland. I use the webers more than the Holland but there are some things that the Holland is just that much better.
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    Has anyone tried this?

    Were does a guy get the hydrated lime? I am going to do some almost sounds to good to be true.
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    Cow wintering cost

    How much does it cost you to winter a dry cow? I have some extra feed and am going to be looking to take in some extra cows for the winter. When i figure in everything it takes to winter a cow I need about 1.75 a day. We have some fall grazing on pasture and cornstalks that will lower the...
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    Next HOT breed

    Reading the coments on here is proof the the Angus guys have done so much better job of marketing than anyone else. The folks on ranchers.net are way more in the know than the average person and we still don't know what CAB really is. People see Angus in the name and think CAB. There are many...
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    Generic wormers

    For years we used 1/3rd of a dose of generic Ivermectin and drenched with safegaurd and had awesome luck for years. Now we use a full dose of ivermectin and safegaurd in the feed and have been happy with it. Easy than drenching but cost more.
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    New chute

    We use a tractor on our portable silencer all the time. The one in the barn has an electric pump and it is quiter but the tractor has more flow so everything moves faster.
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    selling cows

    Wow Katrina I am pretty sure you just had a thread about being pissed at someone for selling a tractor to someone else B4 Roscoe showed up with the money.
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    Irish Blacks

    We fed some for a guy 5-6 years ago. They were not near as good as his straight Angus calves. But it is hard to judge a breed on only seeing 20 calves.
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    Cow fighting New Born Calf

    It can be in the gentics of the cow. I have a friend that bought some hefiers and all the heifers out of one bull tried to kill the calf. He took the calves away at birth and gave the heifers a shot of ACE and put the calves back in a couple hours. I don't know if he had problems after the...
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    Formula Pricing

    I know of some guys that bought heifers for 500lb steer price. Steers were 1.20 a LB and the heifers weighed 1000 lbs they were 1200$.
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    Sitz Value 7097

    He is a good old cow maker bull. There are alot of bulls that have more style and growth but he will sire cows that will stick around.
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    Wilder Buffalo Ranch

    I have a neighbor like that. Can't wait for him to go broke.
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    Another topic on Cattle Today about "Black Hides Pay Mo

    Are the black heifers in your area as good as the red angus heifers? And where are most of the heifers going too?
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    Custom Feeding

    If they are in a custom feedlot I would bet they are getting a more balanced diet than they would get at home.
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    What's your favorite steaks?

    Ribeye then flatiron. medium rare cooked and lightly seasoned. Katrina you need to try Primerib that is actually homemade. What is giving you trouble is what is injected into it. We own a bar/steakehouse and the reps are always trying to sell use premade prime ribs and they are bad. Most of...
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    SKINNY Angus

    Those cattle don't look good but they look better than I was thinking they would from your description. They need to be fed better, and made sure that they are getting enough water.
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    What if this happens?

    High corn prices can be great for the cattle farmer that can put a portion of there operation into corn. As denny stated he can run a cow for almost 2 months on an acre after harvest. That is free feed. I don't know of any other free lunch that we get. And when you figure in the amount of...
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    Some Summery pics...

    The second to last photo just cracks me up. The projector was just in the wrong place for the girl in green.