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    You need a new excuse...............

    kola yeah its been a long time ...question can I say "I TOLD YOU SO" yet? I remember sitting at my desk at work in Charlotte telling you how many rights were being stripped away........Can you see it now? Or do I need to point them out to you?
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    Mid August 2014

    COONNGGRRAAATTSSS on the new baby....yall are getting a herd of grandbabies....all the better to spoil them.
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    Update from our daughter Sunflower in London, May 13, 2014

    COONNGGRRAATTTSSS that is awesome.
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    The good ole' days on ranchers.net

    Yeap I missed it. Been researching CP soap making and doing my 6 months on nights ..... WOW that is a BIG change kola defending sage LOLOLOLOLOLOL I guess the older we get the more we realize old friends are even the ones we fought with all the time.
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    Young rancher hauling livestock

    I LOVED it ...what made it so funny was him shutting the door every time he got out....him and kitty must be buds
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    Another Corgi

    Have you tried contacting corgi nation? there is a lady closer to Lubbock who does rescues and knows a bunch who deliver. Her name is Gail SO happy for yall getting a new one. I want another one.
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    The good ole' days on ranchers.net

    I miss bullhauler calling me Batshitcrazy...I am... I claim that name ....too bad some dont know that is my work identity not who I am at home and around friends.
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    Need some prayers tonight

    Sorry this is late been out of town. Prayers to your family during this time of loss.
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    Good Sunday Mornin'

    I have missed your posts. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights in everyday life walking with Jesus.
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    Katrina's guy's?

    With the Texas State Guard the guys own their own equipment including "trucks".....:D I would google what is on the drivers door to find out any more info
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    Katrina's guy's?

    What does it say on the door of the last truck? Do yall have a state guard?
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    1/16 Photo contest

    snow formations LOL ya know the funny weird different shapes snow makes after falling or from the wind.....
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    SEAL commander

    after his whole team died in a chopper crash...............hmmmmmm
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    Blame Bush !

    It's like Hitler said, if you're going to tell a lie, tell a big lie, and if you tell it often enough and say it in a loud enough voice, some people are going to believe you. Once you get some to believe more will follow
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    So what about this one?

    What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand? We have gotten where a semi auto is called an assault weapon even though they are different, because of infringement. Criminals do not care about any law to get what they want just look at increased crime rate in strict gun control...
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    pictures Abby....12-27-2012

    Im sorry for yalls loss. Sending prayers to yall.
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    Must be a Jack Mormon

    And who drove you home that day? You being a JP and all, I am sure none of the local LEO would dare stop you no matter what................
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    Sayins from long ago

    Have you lost the sense God gave the billy goat
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    Papers, please! - Papers?

    Remember 4 years ago when the left was demanding proof our rights were being taken away? When will it be enough to stop the madness we are doing? http://www.paragoulddailypress.com/articles/2012/12/15/top_story/doc50cbbb312e241511092932.txt They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a...
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    Carpel Tunnel

    do you have the supports for the keyboard and mouse? Are you doing the exercises? If its that bad then I would take the plunge and get the surgery done. Most have good results and feel better.