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    Working hard

    Not. Three hours. Bush took three hours out of his vacation to work on Iraq. It's really a priority for him. :roll: Link below; my emphasis. "President Bush worked nearly three hours at his Texas ranch on Thursday to design a new U.S. policy in Iraq, then emerged to say that he and his advisers...
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    Read it and weep

    Or you should weep. This is the blog of a young woman in Baghdad. She's been blogging since '03. If you have the guts, read them all and see how the lives of the everyday Iraqi have been destroyed by Bush's unnecessary invasion of Iraq. It does not make me proud. http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/
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    Texas Democrats

    And in Texas, voters are starting to look at the Democratic Party in a more favorable light. I would be surprised if the state doesn't trend blue within the next few elections. George W. Bush is killing the Republican Party. :D Entire article; link below; my emphasis. "AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 28...
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    What the soldiers say

    Did you notice while SecDef Gates was in Iraq that all the reports coming from Iraq only quoted soldiers that were for an increase in troops strengths? Did you notice that Gen Abizaid and Gen Casey, who had just a couple of weeks before said they didn't want more troops, have suddenly done an...
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    It's good to find support

    I see that Bob Novak agrees with me that the Republican Party is in deep manure over Iraq. From his online column (my emphasis): "The debate inside the Republican Party is whether the mid-term election defeat was solely the result of unhappiness over Iraq or constituted deeper concern with the...
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    It's all a big game

    For the Bush supporters, it's all a big game, a reality TV show, and they don't want to lose. No matter how many Americans die, how much money we spend, they are digging in their heels rather than be shown wrong. Disgusting. Entire article; link below. :( "Watching President Bush in recent...
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    Frustrations on the ground

    How can anyone defend this war? These guys are trying to train the Iraqis so they can protect their country, yet they are loyal to their tribes and religions, not the government. Link below; my emphasis. "The soldiers who came upon the car in a Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad were part of a joint...
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    Hey, Cal

    I see you've been on the board lately. How's that search for Saddam's WMDs going? I haven't heard anything since they yanked the web site that was putting up supposed transalations. Something about classifed information being put up there? ROTFLMAO!
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    Big oil

    Link below; my emphasis. "The United States offers some of the most lucrative incentives in the world to companies that drill for oil in publicly owned coastal waters, but a newly released study suggests that the government is getting very little for its money. The study, which the Interior...
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    Another Republican

    Next time you hear President Bush, or some other winger, saying the Dems are obstructing a win in Iraq, remember this one. It's not just Democrats opposing Bush's failed war. Republicans are falling in line with my thinking, too. Link below; my emphasis. "Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., said...
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    Bush: U.S. not winning

    Finally George has brought himself to admit that we're not winning in Iraq. But he's still spinning. If the world's strongest military can't win against a few poorly trained and armed insurgents, we've lost. Excerpts. Link below; my emphasis. "President Bush acknowledged for the first time...
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    Next time you hear someone complaining that the Dems are obstructing Bush's judicial appointments, remember this one. Link below. "Sen. Sam Brownback, who wants to champion social conservatives in the presidential race, said Tuesday he wants a Senate panel to re-question a judicial nominee who...
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    It pays to be one of the Bush Bunch

    One of the major blunders the Bush Bunch pulled in Iraq was to send unqualified people to help rebuild the country. The first thing on their resume was not education or experience, it was their politicial affiliation. They sent people with no knowledge of the region, much less the country to put...
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    About those schools

    Remember how the Bush Administration proudly pointed to schools in Iraq as proof of the success of the Iraq War? Like most everything else, it was smoke and mirrors. Excerpts; link below; my emphasis. "Iraq's schools, long touted by American officials as a success story in a land short on...
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    A bad thing

    This is a dangerous thing that American soliders have had to do this. Entire article; ink below; my emphasis. "For the first time since Vietnam, an organized, robust movement of active-duty US military personnel has publicly surfaced to oppose a war in which they are serving. Those involved...
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    Back in Iraq, people continue to die. How can "Reconciliation Talks" be taken seriously while one group of Iraqis is blowing up another group? Answer: they can't. Link below. "Bomb blasts killed 15 people in Baghdad on Wednesday and suicide bombers attacked an Iraqi army base, overshadowing...
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    Is there hope?

    Not likely. While Bush is going around listening to this one and listening to that one, all our news media seems to forget how he didn't listen to the military before he made the decision to go into Iraq. Remember how proud you all were because he made those gut decisions. He didn't need a...
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    So who's running the war?

    Now we know what the Saudis summoned Vice President Cheney to their palace to discuss. If the US pulls out of Iraq, they may go in and support the minority Sunnis. That puts an interesting twist on things, doesn't it? That the VP of the US flies half way around the world go get dressed down by a...
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    30 seats and counting

    Another upset. Democrats ousted seven term Congressman, George W. Bush's buddy, Henry Bonilla from his job. Link below. Now we've got one left in Florida to be decided. Yes, the Republican has been declared the winner in Katherine Harris' old Florida district, but the Dem is challenging that...
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    Just how unpopular

    Link below; my emphasis. "Americans have never been as pessimistic about the war in Iraq as they are today. They see things as going badly, and a majority doubts the U.S. can win. Americans believe the situation in Iraq is getting worse, and that Iraq will never become a stable democracy. More...