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    89 dodge

    Yes it was running fine didn't see the battery tell ihad shut it off . All the fuse link are fine as far as I can see unless there's one hid some place.
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    89 dodge

    the thing over charged the battery was swelled up shut it off. The next day put in a good battery not a thing lights up will not turn over
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    Cull cows

    3.79 in the store
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    Semen Testing Bulls

    4or5 calves will pay for a bull
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    Tractor Supply Carry on Gooseneck Plate

    Drill in frame make spacers bolt it in hope the box will take it!! :roll:
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    Justifying a hired hand

    There are two sides to this . When budgeting you should make sure you could make your ends meet . If you were the hired person!
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    Is soap weed on holiday?
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    Adding sheep to a cattle operation

    And sheep are like water!
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    Adding sheep to a cattle operation

    Fence :roll:
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    sickle bar mower

    Kennedy imp Phillip Sd
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    backup generator for solar well?

    That should say no inverter needed thanks
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    backup generator for solar well?

    Check with the place you got from . Good systems it's all built in on inverter need :D
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    solar pumps

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    solar pumps

    So the cow can only drink from the tank?
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    solar pumps

    3m you talk out of both sides of your mouth. If it is pumping water when the sun is shinning what would you shut it off for. And then put batteries on it so it can be run after dark. Is this right.
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    solar pumps

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    Have you thought of a sub & a gen cost about the same and you will have a gen for other things.
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    In this part of the world fence post and wire make good neighbors.
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    Questions for those "in the know"

    Welcome I think nj and milk cows is a goo spot for you.