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“Where are my Pants?”

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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
"Where are my Pants?"
"I need to get to my duty station. My Father in Law had ripped out his wires and IV and was sitting in the chair when the Nurse came in, this is the 2nd time this winter he has been in the hospital with phenomena. When he went to sleep last night there was a program on about Perl Harbor day. He was in the Navy years later for the Korean conflict. But like we all remember where we were on 9-11, he remembers Dec 7th and being in Daily City California, not a car or bicycle on the street, just total quiet as people were in their home listening to their Radios.
Many of us had our Grand parents, parents, brother and sisters joining the Armed forces because of what happened today so many years ago. There will be a few PEALs worn today, for those who remember.
On December 7, 1941,
It appeared the Japanese had won.
They attacked us without cease,
They would not talk of peace.

They hit us hard, at our core,
That wasn't enough they wanted more.
They killed us wave by wave,
They sent many sailors to their grave.

Many hearts died that day,
Fear was implanted, there to stay.
It was a day all want to forget,
Have you forgotten it yet?

By Unknown

I am a little too young to remember Dec 7, but I heard the stories told by both my Dad and Uncle. Even 9/11 pales in comparison. Must have been 10-20% of the 18-25 yr olds in this county started making plans to join as soon as they heard the news. I would guess that 1/2 of the boys from 12-18 didn't finish school because of having to stay home and help because someone else went to war.

My Dad was just shy of 12. My uncle was 19. They split the milking of 16 cows in the morning and Dad did them all at night because my uncle had a job and couldn't get home for the evening chores. Add on 50 chickens and 20 hogs and Grandpa blind. After the broadcast, my uncle said "come spring when I am done teaching I am going to enlist" Grandpa told my Dad " be done with school in the spring or find your own way in the world"

Dad graduated 8th grade at 12 and run the ranch by himself for 51 years before I came back to help.

Tough times make for tough people, but I shake my head every time I think of a 12 year old running a ranch by himself.