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May 24, 2005
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Date: February 1, 2006 10:17:29 AM PST
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News Review -

In the pasts there have been marketing ideas that were designed to add value to your calves and yearlings. Those ideas were things like retained ownership into the feed lot and packer alliances. The premiums paid for these programs in most cases never really paid enough premiums for the effort and quality of the cattle into the producers pockets. These programs also seemed to target the larger producers.

We are on the edge of a marketing revolution that not only will add value to your calves and yearlings but will treat both the small and larger producers equally. Last year putting electronic ear tags in your cattles' ears paid big dividends however, because each owner on a truck load of cattle leaving our market required a minimum of four sheets of paper, buyers were limiting the number of owners to a load of cattle to two. When we shipped six owners on a truck that meant 24 sheets of paper and you could see that wouldn't work. So we made the commitment to get our sales yard qualified under a new USDA program called QSA. The new certification will allow all producers to sell under our umbrella so we could put as many owners as we want on a truck load and furnish one piece of paper for the entire load. Our new computer programs will allow us to transfer electronic numbers directly to customer computers. Buyers will have the needed information in their hands before the cattle get loaded out of our market.

The demand for QSA cattle far exceeds the supply, so look for some pretty healthy premiums on these cattle in the future. Feed lots all across the country see the advantages of this QSA approval and are scrambling to get approved.

There are several advantages to your cattle raised in Ca.

First; a 700# steer calf 10 months of age will be under the 20 month age requirement posted by Japan and the Pacific Rim Nations when he leaves the feed lot.

Second; Quality in this program will really count for something.

Third; Cattle with a good vaccination program stay healthy when they get to the feed lot.

Fourth; cattle that are source verified with electronic ID numbers, age verified, a good vaccination program with no implants or antibiotics; will have buyers from certified natural, QSA program, breed associations, and other special marketing programs competing for the same cattle.

Getting up to speed on these new markets is going to offer producers one of the greatest value added programs ever. It will treat large and small producers equally and pay big premiums for quality.

If this weeks report is long its just because everyone at 101 is excited about the future in this business.

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