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101 Livestock Report

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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
Jim's Notes:

Market Review -

The market on cows and bulls remains steady. However, the cows we sold before noon were already scheduled for processing Tuesday afternoon. That indicates to me the packer is short bought and needs the cows so don't be surprised if that market doesn't take a jump up. We are recommending holding all the cows and bulls you can until the middle of next month.

Some more common questions asked about electronic ID are as follows.

On the smaller bunches last year it seems as though there wasn't any advantage to the ID tags.
Last year each owner on a truck required 4 sheets of paper form our office so if there were 7 owners in a load of 72 steers that totaled 28 sheets of paperwork that had to accompany those cattle to the feed lot. Too much paperwork for anyone to handle. We could only put 2 owners on a truck. That is the main reason we have applied for QSA approval. Under this new Quality Systems Assessment Program, being approved as a QSA supplier means that we can put as many different owners on a truck as we want and the feed lot only needs one sheet of paper. So that means if you have 2 steers that are electronically identified and meet the QSA standards they can go on the truck with several other owners that are also approved. So you can see our new QSA approval is going to put large and small producers on the same playing field.

We are just about fed up with Japan when it comes to selling them our beef. I have never been for boycotts in the past, however, I think it's just about time to start a boycott of their cars and trucks if they won't take our beef.

Have a great week and I'll keep you posted on the feasibility of a boycott on Japanese products into the US.

Classes of cattle to be sold this year

1st.Comercial Cattle These are cattle that come to our market that are not individually identified. And although they may be on a vaccination program we can not verify this.

2nd Source Verified These cattle come with age, premise, and EID# . They also have a minimum vaccination program. (#1)

3rd Certified Natural These cattle are source verified and at least the minimum vaccination program and have not antibiotics or implants.

4th QSA Aproved These cattle are source and age verified with at least the minimum vaccination program and will be under 20 months at time of harvest. They are EID tagged.

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