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Feb 13, 2005
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Gilroy/San Martin, Ca.
Market Review - March 8, 2005

The law suit filed by R-Calf was successful in their effort to have a temporary injunction granted stopping the Canadian Border opening on March 7th; that means no live cattle under 30 months of age will cross the border until a final lawsuit is completed. The judge ruled both sides should give him a trial date by early next week. We don't expect a trial date before May 15th. However we will keep you posted on that and other issues that might effect our spring market.

This week we won't dwell too much on the market because everything is high. What I do want to talk about is the cow market. Starting next week we will be selling source verified cows. (EID tagged with age and premise numbers attached). These cows are going to McDonalds and will be receiving a $20 per head bonus on these cows to be paid directly back to you the producer. The $20 will come on top of the sale price for the cow after they receive all the proper paper work from our office and electronic reader. We are certainly excited about this program. We will be the only sale in Ca. providing these cows to McDonalds because we have the electronic reader and computer set up to deliver the information they require. The way we see it working is if you preg check or pull your dry cows out to sell then install the EID tag in their ear and write down the age of the cow next to the EID # on a sheet of paper and attach it to the transportation slip. If you do not have a premise number for your ranch get it at the Calif Dept. of Ag. Send these three pieces of information with your butcher cows and if McDonalds purchases your cows we will be sending you $20 per head above the purchase price.

To get your premise number you can log on to www.cdfa.ca.gov/egov/pais/ or call (916)654-1447
Will McDonald's market these cows in a "Radio Frequency" burger. Maybe include the little ear tags in a happy meal? :)

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