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$2.00+ calves (weaned)

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
I heard about this today, and just checked it out and it's true.
430# Oregon calves brought $2.0450 on Western Livestock Video.

Some 405# brought $2.0525

90 steer calves from our local area weighing 625 brought $147.75

:shock: Good for the seller on those calves.

I am hoping for 1.50 for 700# calves in Janurary. Dont think I will see it but I can always wish for it. (wish in one hand and s%$# in the other and see which one fills up faster)

Whats keeping this market going like this?
Even the grain market has been going up after some of a fall the last few weeks.
We were at the sale all 3 days, lots of good cattle at real good prices! Wendesday we sat with a couple from So. Oregon, they had 200 steers at 500# sold for $177.00 for November delivery.
Top set of bred heifers, AI sired and bred AI for $2000.00 per head (35 head)
I have been teasing the order buyer we deal with about getting a $2.00 contract for our steer calves, maybe I'm not too far off. :lol:

I know we probably won't be inclined to background them at that price. :wink:

Were there any partial dispersals of older cows at this sale? We had already been planning to part with everything over 5 years old this fall before the monsoons hit.
Reminds me of a scene from one of our favorite movies, Comes A Horseman. The cattle buyer finally offers them 7 cents a pound and says, "That's as high as I'm a goin' now!"

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