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2011 4th of July parade at Crawford, NE Part One

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills

The proud Honor Guard. These kids are great, standing respectfully at attention.

One of these fine men suffered a heart attack a couple blocks after this picture was taken. The rescue squad was unable
to revive him, and he died. I never did find out which one of these gentlemen was the victim, but he died proudly
and with his boots on. What more can any of us ask for on our final moment.

The White Mule Express

Old time hose cart

Team of blue roans

The old

The new

Hauls people and water

Tanker truck

A queen

More queens

Jim driving this team. He worked on Dad's ranch back in the spring of 1962. He is a character. :wink:

And more queens

Snazzy old Studebaker

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I was at a family reunion this wkend and was talking to one of my distant cousins, her son is in the military, we were talking about kids, etc. She was telling me that she had just got back from visiting her grandkids and the 3 yr old and herself were walking down the street when she heard a bugle.. looked around and the 3 yr old and all the rest of the children on the street had stopped were facing the flag and had there hands over there hearts. Just made me feel good.... not so much that they were my family but that there are more people teaching their children a respect for their flag and country. Seeing those kids saluting the flag gives me a warm feeling this morning thanks.

Thanks Soapweed. Great pictures, as usual.

It's fun to see what another small town can do with a parade.

There will be a different type of parade in Philip, SD next Saturday and Sunday, and in Midland on Monday as the Scotty Philip Memorial wagon train passes through the towns enroute to arrive at Ft. Pierre on the 23rd of July, date of the mans' untimely death at ate 53 in 1911. He was a visionary businessman as well as an astute cattleman and a proud and caring family man.

That event begins at Philip, which is near where the original ranch of Scotty Philip was located, and will end near his final ranch near Ft. Pierre. There will be speakers along the way to talk about the local history and the family histories of those in the area at the time, late 1800's to 1911.


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