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A Democrat Presidential Candidate ahs entered the race

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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
and he's a "birther" :lol:


I have filed all the necessary papers a candidate is required to file with the Federal Elections Commission and am as qualified and entered to run and receive contributions and donations to my campaign as any other candidate in the presidential race. People can go to my website, www.codyjudy.us, and find out how to make contributions there through PayPal or by sending a check in the mail. I’m very thankful for the heartfelt and generous contributions I’ve received from people across the country that have gotten us this far. Without them we wouldn’t have a candidate representing the interest of The Birther Movement as I am now and have consistently done since 2008 with action in the Judicial Branch and now continued in the 2012 race. The only transparency I’ve found about Obama has been his integrity problems: Constitutional qualification demands problems, long-form birth certificate discrepancy problems, social security card problems, draft registration problems, law license resignation problems, and of course the absence of any confirmation that his book Dreams From my Father should not be put in the fiction category rather then the autobiographical section because he was Barry Soetoro from kindergarten to Occidental College and how you register for college with one name and register for the draft with another, along with the lost integrity that surrounds every major identity problem I’ve mentioned here, is, well, to put it bluntly, something every single major player in the Republican field of candidates has ranked somewhere below the spotted owl extinction issue.


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