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a first for me

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Nov 19, 2007
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Turned the bulls out today and it snowed the whole day. Wore muck boots and a duster all day there sould be a law against wearing muck boots and riding a horse at the same time. I am so sick of wet weather I can't even get a a dry day to brand :mad: . I wish you texasians would pray harder so maybe it will go down there and leave me alone :D . We have gotten 3 inches of moisture in the last 4 days if this keeps up I am going to have to strape patoons the the herd to keep them from drowning.
Our prayers have been answer now. We had 4-5 inches in the past 6 hr and its still rainning. The funny thing is the creek by us is still dry. I maybe flooding some poor china man with the water running in the cracks around here.
I'm so glad you finally got rain in Texas - - - We might be able to continue planting in another day or so but the weather man calls for rain coming in tonught and then the next week!

Hay ( alfalfa ) is up over your waist everywhere and sholder high in places but I don't dare cut it now with it standing in water in any low place!
We're still getting rain here...We're up to about 1.75 on this last one-- and its supposed to continue thru Sunday... Wrap around rain coming all the way up from the Gulf of Mexico..

Ground is so saturated that almost everything is at a standstill except shop work... Construction, farming, fencing, even cow work has pretty well come to a stop because you can't get anywhere or you just bog out of sight trying to do anything...And the Milk River and Creeks are all flooding again...

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