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A good breakfast dish to go with your coffee

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
We had pizza for supper a few nights ago, and had some left-overs. For breakfast the next morning a piece o' pizza with a fried egg on top just hit the spot. Try it, you'll like it. You're welcome. :)
Soapweed, with a teenage boy in your housee, I'm surprised you had any pizza left for breakfast. Thanks for the egg tip, but damn that sounds weird.
Going to make sure there's some Rolaids in the cupboard before trying that one. :wink: I've been consuming plenty of really strong coffee and Diet Coke so I can be both night and day calver. Three pots plus I lost count of the Diet Cokes today. Tired but wired, but have lost very few calves.
soapweed...."but, i do not like green eggs and ham, sam-i-am!" :wink:
don't wanna let the hubby see it, though! lord knows he'd try it :D as for the peanut butter on french toast...hell, the 15 year old demolition derby driver won't eat hers with out it :?
have a great day, all!! :D :D
All joking aside, I am usually not a big fan of pizza. The fried egg on top just plumb makes it better. I think what we had left over, was stuffed crust (thick crust) Pizza Hut meat lovers pizza. Usually I prefer the thin crust variety. With all the different varieties of meat on the "meat lovers" special, it already had most of the basic food groups involved. :) The egg just added a little more necessary protein. :) Mr. Atkins would be proud.
Aussies have a wierd recipe. As if Veggie Mite on toast wasn't bad enough, try spaghetti-o's and eggs for breakfast. They aren't scared of having a beer with breakfast either. What a great group!

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