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A good day

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Apr 8, 2008
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NE Oregon
I started my day with a doctor appointment. It was a 7:00 appointment. I didn't know doctors even got up that early. Being the first one of the day there was no waiting. It was no big deal. Just changing doctors and needed a prescription filled. In and out in no time. Ran into B on my way home. They were moving the register cows to the corral. He asked if I could help haul them. I went and hooked up the trailer. We hauled B's registered cows to Alder Creek. Four trailers made 3 trips. 40 cows per trip so 120 cows dumped into the Alder Creek trap. We had to dodge around a road grader every trip. We got back to haul the calves and B had a flat tire. Nothing like a freshly graded road to give you a flat. So we crammed all the calves and the 3 cows who were left into 3 trailers. A couple of the calves that came out of my trailer, their mothers might not recognize them until they take a bath. But we got it done. Then on the way home out on the road in front of my place I killed a rattler. A decent size snake for this area. Maybe 36 inches long with 9 rattles. It was a busy but good day.

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