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A record to be proud of.

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Feb 10, 2005
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What an Administration :roll:

Obama passed Obama Care and it winds up in the Supreme Court on Contitutionality rules.
Obama mandates free birth control and the Catholic Church is suing over that.
Holder is asked to testify in the Fast and Furious hearings and that has resulted in Contempt charges
Obama is being suited over Dodd Franks Regulations
And I would not be surprised the EPA will be sued for fining the oil industry for not putting a biofuel that DOESN"T EXSIST and won't until at least 2015 if then, into their gas.
Then you have Obama is continuely being sued to see his Birth Certificate

And let's not forget they themselves are sueing States so they don't enforce immigration laws and ask for ID's at a polling station so the states can assure there is no voter fraud in their elections.

Has there ever been an Administration that has had this many lawsuits file against it before due to their own OVERREACHING OF EXECUTIVE POWER? :roll:

Oh I'm sure all of these lawsuits will be explained away by the liberals as there have nothing more to do with anything BUT SKIN COLOR and everyone are RACISTS but COME ON. It is a non stop news cycle over what Obama Administration lawsuit is at the top of the list and being watched today.

Lawyers have got to be loving this Administration? :roll: